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Remember that this is a Wiki on the official Caid Web site, so keep your content clean and suitable for a general audience. Any violations may result in your account being suspended.


  • Play Nice
  • Dates should appear as mm/dd/yyyy
  • Lists should be in oldest to newest format.
  • Be polite and civil. There are some parts of Caidan history that are still topics of conversation, we are not shying away from these topics, however decorum must be maintained.


We are not recreating the Order of Precedence. Feel free to list preferred title and major points (either highest precedence award or award that means the most to the recipient). Full lists of personal awards are not appropriate because Compendium Caidis does not have staff to verify their accuracy. We make no guarantee that awards described on populace pages are verified, correct or up to date. For complete awards lists for any Caidan, please visit the Caid Order of Precedence.


We use names and devices as registered with the College of Arms of the Society for headers and links. It is necessary for users and editors to have a "standardized" spelling to use to find names and create links within Compendium Caidis. Use the Armorial of the Society or Order of Precedence or Help:Populace Names to find registered spellings. Non-registered alternate names may be indicated within the text of a bio page, but not as the page header. For Caidans without registered names, we will do our best to use their preferred spelling. We also check the SCA OSCAR website to see if there are names and devices in the process of being registered.

Please refrain from creating new wiki pages with a single name, this can cause problems for Wiki Navigation using the Search Function. If the person you are creating a page for does not have a registered name or a name in the Caid Order of Precedence, please use a secondary name/identifier such as a household or location name such as Kay of House Wolf, or Kay of Caid instead of just the single name of Kay.

Generally speaking, Legal names should not be used on this website. If necessary, please use only the given name, not given name and surname (for example, "Jennifer" is OK, but "Jennifer Jones" is not). This provides a sense of separation between SCA and modern lives, which some Society members find comforting.

Protection of Personal Information

Compendium Caidis policy regarding publication of personal information is: "Personal information will not be published on Compendium Caidis unless permission first is obtained from the specific individual."

For purposes of this policy, personal information includes:

  • Modern name
  • Home or work address
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal e-mail address

Personal information does not include:

  • "Persona" name or names
  • Society office
  • Official SCA office e-mail address such as "".

Note: If you would prefer to have your persona name and/or likeness removed from Compendium Caidis, contact the site administrator at


The above are the Rules of this wiki, however there are many more guidelines, which we'd prefer for you to follow if possible. Check them out at Help:Contents