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Typical of modern groups, the jargon of the Society for Creative Anachronism contains many abbreviations and acronyms. The most obvious acronym in use is the abbreviation of the unwieldy society name to "S.C.A." The kingdom name "Caid" was also originally an acronym for the four original baronies of the principality, Calafia, Angels, Isles and Dreiburgen, arranged in an order to spell an Arabic word meaning "fortress".

Name Suffixes

It is common to see names of people and groups listed with a string of letters following the proper name. These are abbreviations of various awards the person or group has been granted through their SCA career. This mimics the system in use in England and other real-world nations, though this practice was certainly invented after the SCA period of study. For this reason, and for clarity, the use of award "alphabet soup" should be strongly discouraged in formal writing. One can argue, however, that Compendium Caidis is very clearly a post-period publication, where abbreviations are perhaps more appropriate.

SCA-wide orders
Recipient of an Award of Arms. This award is implied in the more period style of address, "Lord [name]" or "Lady [name]".
Knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism. This award is implied in the more period style of address, "Sir [name]".
Companion of the Order of the Laurel. More period alternatives include "Mistress [name], Companion of the Laurel", "Lord Laurel [name]", "[name] Lady of the Laurel", etc.
Companion of the Order of the Pelican. More period alternatives include "Master [name], Companion of the Pelican", "Lady Pelican [name]", "[name] Lord of the Pelican", etc.
Companion of the Order of Defense. More period alternatives include "Master [name], Companion of the Order of Defense", "Maestro/a [name], Companion of the Order of Defense"

Since Kingdom Law does not specify which abbreviation to use for each award, some have more than one in use, adding to confusion. Abbreviations of Caidan awards should not be used outside of Caid because they will be unfamiliar to most residents of other kingdoms. They may even be confused with awards native to other kingdoms.

Caid awards
Legion of Courtesy (or Legionnaire of Courtesy)
OAA (or AA)
Order of the Argent Arrow (not to be confused with AoA)
OCS (or CS)
Order of the Crescent Sword
OD (or ODC)
Order of the Dolphin
OG (or OGC)
Order of the Gauntlet
Companion of the Order of the White Scarf of Caid. In any rapier combat context, this award is implied by the more period style of address, "Don [name]" or "Doña [name]" (though those forms of address are not reserved specifically for companions of the order) (This Order is closed.)
Order of the Argent Blade; OHA (or HA) : Harp Argent
OLC (or LC)
Order of the Lux Caidis
Royal Recognition of Excellence
Signum Reginae, Sigillum Regis or Signum Regni. These three, similar awards were devised to use the same abbreviation.

Name Prefixes

Often titles, normally placed before a name, are abbreviated.

Commonly abbreviated titles
"Baron and Baroness"
"His Excellency" or "Her Excellency"; a baron, baroness, count or countess.
"His Grace" or "Her Grace"; a duke or duchess, respectively
"His Royal Highness" or "Her Royal Highness", the Crown Prince or Crown Princess, respectively
"His Royal Majesty" or "Her Royal Majesty", the King or Queen, respectively. "HRM [kingdom name]" refers to a King or Queen of a different kingdom.
"King and Queen"
"Lord" or "Lady", a recipient of an Award of Arms
Sometimes "Lady" is abbreviated this way, particularly when a Lord and Lady are listed together
M'lord or M'lady
a new member of the Society that has not yet received an Award of Arms
"Prince and Princess"
"Their Excellencies"; the Baron and Baroness of a territory, when listed together.
"The Honorable Lord" or "The Honorable Lady". A form of address for any recipient of a grant level award. As this is a post-period form of address, some who are entitled to this style of address prefer simply "Lord" or "Lady" or some other title they are also entitled to.
"Their Royal Highnesses"; the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, listed together.
"Their Royal Majesties"; the King and Queen, listed together. "TRM [kingdom name]" refers to the King and Queen of a different kingdom.

Other Notable Abbreviations in Caid

A&S ("A 'n S")
Arts & Sciences. This abbreviation should be avoided in spoken presentations.
"Armored Combat", particularly on combat authorization cards
"Ansteorran Credit Card Event Payment System". Though developed in Ansteorra, Caid also used this system to accept payments for some events prior to April 2015.
The Crown Prints
A "bacronym" for "Caidan Royal Artillery Corps", which also is a reference to "Crac des Chevaliers", a Crusader castle in Syria. Unfortunately, nobody initially noticed the internal inconsistency in the bacronym: artillery units are organized into batteries, not corps.
"Equestrian" activities, particularly on combat authorization cards
"Great Western War"
"Kingdom Rapier Marshal", or more formally, Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Rapier
"Mundanely Known As" or "Modernly Known As" - a person's legal name
"Marshal in Training"
Minister of Arts & Sciences
Order of Precedence, not to be confused with "Order of the Pelican"
Principal Herald -- in the case of Caid, Crescent Principal Herlad
"Peer-like qualities" -- a subjective list of qualities appropriate to members of the peerage
Tournaments Illuminated
"Youth Combat", particularly on combat authorization cards