Gregory & Vivian Investiture 1975

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Gregory and Vivian
From the left: Charles of Dublin, Elaine the Merciful, Gregory, Thomas the Merciless, Vivian (kneeling), Conrad von Regensburg, John ap Griffin, Martin the Temperate, Ian MacAllister, Bevin Fraser of Sterling
Location: Dreiburgen
First United Methodist Church
Riverside, CA
Date: 11/22/1975

Investiture of Gregory of York and Vivian Aurore de la Mer (Gregory and Vivian). Prince Thomas and Princess Elayne held their final court. King Douglas and Queen Lorna attended.

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

Event announcement, published in the August & September 1975 issue of The Crown Prints, the "frankly unofficial" newsletter of the Principality of Caid (and again in the November-December 1975 of the "Fantastically Illegal Communique of Caid Principality"):

CAID CORONETING FESTIVAL & BANQUET will be held in the Barony of Dreiburgen on Nov. 22 in Riverside (site to be announced). There will be a Tourney with Lists for the Princess' Own Champion. Tourneymaster will be Baron Waldt von Markheim. To promote interest in & support for the Arts & Sciences in the Principality, (it takes more than knights to make a Kingdom, remember?) we will hold some contests, including a competition to determine a Court Poet to the Prince of Caid. Most of the contests can be prepared in advance but there will be on-the-spot contests & some contests for children.


POETRY CONTEST: The Poet to the Prince will be awarded on the basis of the most points won over-all. There will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd places given in each category & a Grand Prize poem. The Grand Prize winner gets an illuminated copy of his poem. 10 points will be given for the Grand Prize poem, 7 for the 1st place, 5 for a 2nd & 3 for a 3rd. Total points determine the Court Poet.


  • 1) Poems in any form having a subject or theme appropriate to the Renaissance, Middle or Dark Ages.
  • 2) Poems written in any pre-1650 poetic form.
  • 3) Translations into modern English of a poem written before 1650. Give source.
  • 4) Original poetry written in a language used before the 16th C. (Old or Middle English, Old or Middle French, Old Norse, Gaelic, Middle High German, etc.) Also submit modern English translations.
  • 5) Epics & long narrative poems (over 100 lines).

Format: Typewritten double-spaced; first page must bear title & form of poem, following pages must be numbered and bear the title. The poet's name should be on separate sheet so poems can be judged anonymously. POEMS MUST NOT HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED. Winning & placing poems will be submitted to Tournaments Illuminated. Poems must be submitted by 3 PM, Nov 22 or may b emailed ahead to: Poetry Contest, Barony of Dreiburgen (details omitted).

ORIGINAL RESEARCH CONTEST: In the Arts & Sciences; must be typed & include all necessary drawings or diagrams. Will be judged on 1) depth of research, 2) appropriateness of subject to the Middle Ages; 3) originality of subject (not more fighting articles!) Entries must be submitted by 3 PM, Nov 22 or mailed to: Master David von Markheim (Yrjö Kirjawiisas) (details omitted).

TOURNAMENT WEAPONS: Of all types. Must be accompanied by a written report on method of construction & materials used. Judging will be on 1) how real they look at a distance; 2) how safe & SCA-real they hit; 3) how long & how difficult construction was; 4) how much they cost. Judging will be at Tourney site; prizes will be awarded.

COOKING CONTEST: In honor of Heir Gregory of York. Subject will be announced next issue.

EMBROIDERY: A piece of embroidery at least 10 square inches. (That can be 1" x 10", 2" x 5", etc.) Two categories: machine-done & hand-done. Entries due by noon, Nov 22 or can be mailed to: Embroidery Contest (details omitted).

SHOES: Made from scratch & remodeled store-boughten [sic]. Entries due by noon, Nov 22 or mailed in.

GLOVES: Embroidered, beaded & otherwise decorated gloves; may be hand-made or bought. Entries due by noon, Nov 22.

EATING UTENSILS: Goblets, plates, knives, spoons, etc.; type & number of entries will determine categories. Noon.

CHILDREN'S COOKIE DECORATING CONTEST: Will be judged on taste & beauty. For children under 12 years of age.

UNCONVENTIONAL WEAPONS & FIGHTING STYLES: Special fighting matches set up & judged with contestants using weapons other than broadsword, short sword, axe, mace, or pole weapons with shield. Ever wanted to fight with a mace & morning star? A grattle-swax? Buckler & dagger? So here's your chance. Registration with Lists & matches set up throughout the day. (NOTE: since thrusting weapons must be approved by the Earl Marshall, special permission must be obtained from the Marshall-in-Charge of the event, for this contest only. If approval is NOT granted, thrusting weapons cannot be allowed.)

PAVILLION CONTEST: This is the deadline for James of Twilight's contest for the best new or refurbished pavillion. Prize is Thai silk yardage.

. . . AND MORE: There will also be a heraldry contest, children's art contest & some others on the spot. REMEMBER: if YOU don't enter a contest, the Insulters Guild will: Support the Arts & Sciences!

For more details on contests, contact CONTEST AUTOCRAT: David von Markheim (Yrjö Kirjawiisas) (details omitted) or Baroness Alison von Markheim (details omitted).

From Baroness Alison von Markheim

From the February 1976 issues of The Crown Prints

The Caid Coronetting Banquet November 22 was a mixed success. I enjoyed it, most everybody seemed to enjoy being there, but we lost money on it, lost lots [of] money. Various cryptic message left by the nice gentlemen who took tickets lead me to believe that several people did not pay the full amount or were one dollar short, etc. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing who may or may not owe us money and I discovered after the last Twelfth Night that dunning SCA members does not work. So, if you didn't quite get it all paid, we need your money! I have little doubt that with the amount and type of food served the banquet should have sot $5 per person rather than the $4 we charged. After all expenses are paid the Barony will not be broke, but I doubt if we'll have over $20 in the account. Friends, that's including the "profit" left over from last Twelfth Night.

I would also like feedback on the method of serving the tables that we used. Money, comments, suggestions and CREATIVE criticism should be sent to Barony of Dreiburgen (information omitted)

I would like to thank the following people for the following things:

I'd also like to thank Brother Bill, Lord Daniel de Tankard and Stephanos Markos ho Martyr for helping clean up and Lady Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon, Michelin se Mocquer et Ridicule, and Cedric the Dark for their help cooking. And of course, many, many thanks to Gary Illig for allowing himself to be shanghaied into selling tickets. Also many thanks to Lady Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion and the rest of the belly-dancers and to everybody who entered contests.

And then there were those persons without whom the show wouldn't have gone on, and for whom no mere words of gratitude are sufficient, those who never got to change into their reveling clothes or sit down for dinner because they were too busy cooking, dishing up, serving, helping sell tickets, washing dishes or whatnot. My undying gratitude goes out to

I love each and every one of you. And then there were the other Autocrats:

  • The seneschal, Rowena de Segovia, who got the hall in the first place, washed potatoes all Friday night and then put in more than her time cooking and cleaning
  • Master David von Markheim, who rose from his sickbed to get all the contests run, and then, instead of collapsing, washed dishes until he was forcibly dragged away
  • My beloved Lord, Baron Waldt von Markheim, who did far more than paper can express
  • And last but not least, many thanks to Lord Mouice Negra Khan the Insane for hischivalry; we all appreciated it.

From The Contest Autocrat

The judges of the Poetry Contest (Sir Bela of Eastmarch (, Mistress Karina of the Far West, Mistress Rima of Rockridge (, Master Boncueur, Duchess Sumer Redmaene ( and Duke Siegfried von Hoflichskeit ( have decided on the winning poems and poet.

Grand Prize: "My Lady Celestial" Category I: (1) She is Night, (2) She is Day, (3) The Epic of Lord Dragon Category II: (1) My Lady Celestial, (2) The Shield, (3) Orion

Unfortunately, the judges decided that no prize was to be given in Categories III, IV and V because of the small number of poems entered in those categories. After months of announcing the contest in the Crown Prints and at every tourney, we had three contestants: Fiona MacGregor, Daniel the Bard and myself. (I wrote the poems listed above). Are we the only bards in Caid? The contest will be repeated in A.S. XI; let's hope there is more response next time.

-- Däwyd Soumalainen von Markheim, Master of Sciences, Caid, and Poet to the Prince of Caid


  • "The event was held outdoors, at night, in a courtyard. In an effort to add more "pomp and circumstance," Lord Ioannes Leckie, who was very devoted to the study of pre-16th century protocol and ritual, had assembled an entourage to escort Their Highnesses by torchlight. Unfortunately, the torches were, as I recall, covered orange juice cans placed atop long poles and filled with lighter fluid, which presented something of a fire hazard. It was either then-Lord Cameron of Caladoon, attired in powder blue with matching tights (but no shoes), or then-Mistress Bevin Fraser of Stirling (or maybe both together) who managed to talk them out of actually LIGHTING the "torches." I also take this opportunity to apologize for helping propagate the "of happy memory" litany that plagues our courts when the Order of the Dolphin is given!" - Natalya de Foix
  • “It may be interesting to note that as an unbelted fighter, I had apparently gotten the attention of the Western chivalry. I was constantly challenging them. I had even beaten one or two in non-lists challenges. I sought the knighthood out, attacking and harassing them in and about various melees. And I always tried to challenge the best of them in the crown lists. But until this tourney, I hadn't actually ever beaten a non-Caidan belted fighter in the lists, not a one, not once. This finals against William was my first. (None of the chivalry realized this at the time. But it was the basis for the advice I gave all my future students. Fight the best to be the best.) When I was knighted, William offered up his chain, which I treasured for many years before I passed it on. Oh, and Lorna was quite pleased with herself for losing another Queen's Guard captain. (I don't remember who she picked to replace me, I was a bit stunned by at the time.)” – Martin the Temperate


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