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Master Boncueur (aka Boncueur de Myrobolan) served as the Society Registrar in the early days of the Society. For this service to the Society, he was created the premier of the Order of the Pelican by the SCA Board of Directors, 10/22/1972.[1][2]

Later, on 01/05/1974, Henrik and Sietse of the West admitted him to the Order of the Laurel for his continued work as registrar and his mastery of the art of bookkeeping. His scroll was signed by the Kings and Queens of the Known World, Henrik and Sietse of the West, Angus and Alyson of the East, Merowald and Gwendolyn of the Middle, and Robert and Sequora of Atenveldt.

Master Boncueur was also present at the birth of a certain Principality in the Southern West Kingdom. It was he who originally suggested its name, "Caid".


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