Dreiburgen Yule 2020

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Caption Needed
Location: ONLINE due to Plague
Date: 12/19/2020

Event Staff

Steward: Ramvoldus Kröll and Baroness Tyne MacPhersone


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From Event Facebook Page

Join the Barony of Dreiburgen as we celebrate Yule with all trimmings. There will be Games, Singing, Dancing, and of course; the Feast! We will stuff your stockings with our Annual Bard of Dreiburgen Championship, Games Championship, Table Decorating Contest, and Period Dance Class! The Celebration will also include youth activities for the littlest elves. Our Cooking Guild will come dashing through the snow with a Sumptuous Subtleties contest and a selection of recipes carefully curated for your culinary enjoyment. The festivities will be topped off with a Special Bardic Circle afterparty that will continue to spread merriment and joy on into the evening.

Event Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm via Zoom

Schedule for the Day

  • 12:15 - Opening Comments
  • 12:30 Dance Class and Games Open
  • 1:30 Dance Class ends, Games Continue
  • 2:30 – Bard of Dreiburgen Performances
  • 3:30 – Closing Comments
  • 4:00 Bardic Circle Opens

From: Baroness Tyne MacPhersone A special thanks to Ramvoldus Kröll, Kungund Benehonig, Hallr brjost Starsson, Aldgytha of Ashwood, Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy for putting together a wonderful Yule. I hope everyone enjoyed Yule as much as I did. Our winners for the day:


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