Dreiburgen Summer Event 1999

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Location: Jurpa Regional Park
Date: 07/17/1999

Summer Faire

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Collegium Sancti Geronimi Summer Faire

Ahh the joys of summer. Kite flying, fishing, concerts in the park, fishing beating the snot out of your friends with big sticks and fishing. The Joyous scholars of Collegium Sancti Geronimi invite one and all to join them for a frolic in the sun at Jurpa Regional Park, 4600 Crestmore, in Riverside.

Schedule of the Day

8:00am The site will open for setup 6:00pm The site will close, With all manner of summer shenanigans occurring in between.

Activities Include

  • Warlord Tourney: Each fighter will be asked to provide a small prize for the booty basket to enter the lists. The first round will be one on one with the defeated fighter joining the winning fighter’s team for the next round. Round by round the teams will combine until there are just two teams left for the final round. The team that wins the final round receives the entire booty basket to divide amongst them selves.
  • Period Tackle Fishing Contest: This competition is open to all ages, but entrants over 16 must have a valid California fishing license and entrants under 16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult. There is a $1.00 entry regardless of age for all entrants. Prizes will be awarded for the biggest fish and the most fish caught. Only period tackle allowed (no reals, plastic jigs, ect.). there will be a spical prize for the best period tackle.
  • Kite Flying Competition: this site several areas that are just begging for enthusiastic kite flyers. In order to take advantage of the opportunity, those happy musicians known as Neuschel’s Consort are hosting a period kite-flying contest for more details contact the autocrat.
  • Baronial Arts Competition: The 8th annual Dreiburgen Summer Arts competition will be held in conjunction with this event. As is traditional, there will be a peoples’s prize tourney in which the populace is encouraged to bring tokens to award to any pieces they esteem. There will also be a variety of classes offered throughout the day. We especially encourage any performance arts entries. For more information, contact the Baronial Arts Autocrat, Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
  • Children’s Activities/Boffer Competition: Children’s activities for the day will include classes in chess, checkers, felting, drawing and more as well as boffer list to test the mettle of our younger warriors. For more information contact the Minister of Children, Nyshea of Sanctus Gerronimus.
  • Rapier Lists: Rapier lists will test the speed and grace of those who dance with pointed sticks.

For more information Contact his most Excellent Autocrattyness. Baron Jonas (fishing is my life) Aquilian


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