Dreiburgen Summer Event 2000

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Location: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Riverside
Date: 07/22/2000

Dreiburgen Summer Arts Foody-Artsy-Crafty-Warlike-Actions

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

Barony of Dreiburgen’s Summer Arts and Sciences

July 22 2000

Escape the fug of the castle and have a day of Creative Joy and Medieval Fun for the whole family at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Riverside YOU ALL, Ladies, Lords and Children of Dreiburgen and welcome guests, come to watch and compete and YOU ALL can judge the fairest, the feistiest and the fleetest. There will be a charge of $4, which includes lunch (kids under 14 free)

Schedule of the Day

  • 8:00am Site opens
  • 10:00am Opening Court
  • 4:00pm Closing court and sweet smelling prizes to victors
  • 5:30pm The site is is to be clear and clean

The morning will be dedicated to arty-crafty competitions. Be prepared to measure your skill and imagination by bringing a Pourposeful Purse, such as for instance, a purse for a very rich lady, for a traveling dog, or a peral diver; Compete for the design of a piece of headgear for politicians, designed to protect against rotten eggs; Design and make a mask which makes you somebody (or something) else; Bring us (to look at) your favorite book or picture on any aspect of Medieval Art or life. There will be other competitions on site andclasses in metal flower making and other skills. Most important to life will be the culinary competitions, exalted by the ultimate test of being consumed as lunch by all. Dishes may be cold or hot, and must be able to serve at least 10 persons. We shal have use of the kitchen, some ice for cooling but for serving hot dishes please bring chafing dishes.

In the afternoon there will be warlike competitions, such as tossing the Caberling or putting the brick, a Jousting Tourney (bring your armour) mounted on the best veredi ligni the stables could provide; catch-the-point for fencers, or precision sword play, and other tests of your mettle.

Finally, there will be an auction of any exhibits available, from the lost and found department, and YOUR donations you may find in your castle cleanups. Skeletons should be left in closets.

From the Dreiburgen News

Bring: Your feast gear, a chair, $4.00 each, kids (free), wives, husbands, boy/girlfriends, parents and your tame eagle (leashed), and YOUR ENTRIES TO THE COMPETIONS: Enter as many competitions as you like:

  • Foody: We will keep food cold. Bring heat to keep hot food hot
  1. The most refreshing sallat
  2. The most thirst-quenching non-alcoholic drink
  3. The spiciest beast
  4. The most scrumptious pie
  5. The sweetest desert
  6. the Tastiest Bread.
  • Crafty: self0made, bought or stolen
  1. The most purposeful purse
  2. The most functional drinking vessel
  3. Any item made, forged or carved from wood or metal
  4. Any item made of textiles, paper or leather
  5. Your favourite book or art work on medieval life.
  • Warlike: Tourney mounted on horses
  1. Tossing the baberlet
  2. Putting the brick
  3. Devensive spear throwing
  4. Sword and epee pokery
  5. Frog and revese jumping, etc., etc.

Judging will by VOX POPULI, VOX DEI. YOU are the Gods, who will present tokens to the items you consider best. Judging of food will finish by 12 noon, judging of all other events at 3:45 pm. FAICT JOYEUX

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