Dreiburgen Summer Event 2001

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Dreiburgen Summer Event 2001 Opening Court.jpg
Opening Court
Location: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Riverside
Date: 07/21/2001

Dreiburgen Summer Arts

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

Barony of Dreiburgen’s Summer Arts and Sciences

July 21, 2001 The Barony of Dreiburgen once again has the honor of hosting Caid in the last Arts gathering before Pentathlon. The spices shall sent the air, the beverages shall slake the thirst, the sights shall bedazzle the eyes. Oh, and one more thing, we’ll also have fun. Bring tokens to bestow upon your choices of artifact to be appreciated! Keep these wonderful tokens that people just keep giving you for displaying your wonderful _____! Guilds have your members exhibit as a group! Independence shows your individual skills!

Schedule of the Day

  • 9:00am Site opens
  • 10:30am Opening Court
  • 4:00pm Closing Court
  • 5:30pm Clear out of the Site

All of these wonderful things will occur at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall at 4070 Jackson Riverside, Kitchen facilities are available for culinary arts as well as ice for drinks. (please make your request in advance, facilities are limited.) This is a discretely damp site.


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