Arianna Foxford

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Arianna Foxford (photo taken by Rayne Archer of Annan)
Preferred title: The Honorable Lady
Their Pronouns: She/her
Resides: Angels
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Argent, a brown fox courant contourny and a ford proper.
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The Honorable Lady Arianna joined the society in AS 46 at Heatherwyne Anniversary 2011. She is an avid fiber artist, interested in everything from knitting and embroidery to sewing and weaving. She is also interested in the scribal arts, cooking, and archery.


Offices and Positions

Event Staff


Hand-Crafted Items

Coptic tunics

Researched, designed, and crafted by THL Fu Ching Lan and Lady Arianna Foxford for Baron Peter Cadarn and Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain on the occasion of Angels Anniversary 2014

Peter garment front.jpg
Baron Tunic - front
Peter garment back.jpg
Baron Tunic - back
Gabrielle garment front.jpg
Baroness Tunic Dress - front
Gabrielle garment back.jpg
Baroness Tunic Dress - back
Dog roundel.jpg
Hand-embroidered Dog roundel
Rhino roundel.jpg
Hand-embroidered Rhino roundel

More Items

Roman Wire Wrapped necklace donated to
2015 Angels Anniversary fund raiser
Tokens made for Lynnette de Sandoval, 2016

Patterns Created

Felt Dolphin pattern made by Arianna Foxford.
Dophins made by Gorandookht Mamigonian.
PDF of Pattern

Classes Taught


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Image Preview Award Recipient
12th Night 2016 28.JPG County Sven Örfhendur
12th Night 2016 28a.JPG Detail of County Sven Örfhendur
12th Night 2016 28b.JPG Detail of County Sven Örfhendur
Nov. Coronation 2013 024.JPG Crescent of Caid Mora de Buchanan
Coronation Summer 2017 5.jpg Dolphin A'isha bint Shamir
Coronation Summer 2017 5a.jpg Detail of Dolphin A'isha bint Shamir
Coronation summer 2016 46.jpg Dolphin Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha
Coronation summer 2016 46a.jpg Detail of Dolphin Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha