Robin Hood Tourney 2013

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Location: Altavia
Date: 04/21/2013

Robin Hood Tourney 2013

Event Staff


  • There will be competitions for Angels' Champions in Archery, Thrown Weapons and this year we are adding a New Angels' Champion – Cross-bow! There will be NO archery authorizations at the event. Archers, you must be authorized prior to this event if you plan to shoot. Unfortunately, there will be no rapier activities this year.
  • There will be a People's Choice A&S competition – the Theme is "The Hunt". This year there will be two winners: an overall People’s Choice and an Archery-themed entry. The winning entries must have been completed within the last two years and no piece can be submitted that won at either the 2011 or 2012 Robin Hood Tourney. We encourage all attendees to bring "appreciation tokens" to leave with those entries they find most pleasing.
  • There will also be a Traveling Scriptorium, so come paint Award Certificates (promissory notes), learn about scroll design, browse scribal books and talk about the Seraph Scribes (the Angels Scribal Guild.)
  • If neither Archery or Thrown Weapons are for you, there's still plenty to do! Come play with string at Fiber Play Day.
  • Merchants are welcome! Please send your merchant reservation to Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen.
  • Bardic entertainment for Their Excellencies is highly encouraged, especial with an Archery or Hunting theme. Please come out and have a fun day with Their Excellencies Peter and Gabrielle, and the Barony of the Angels.


  • 8:00 am Site opens
  • 9:30 am Lists open
  • 10:00 am Opening Court
  • 12:30 pm Lunch Break
  • 4:00 pm Closing Court
  • 5:00 pm Site Closes


Woodley Park Archery Range, 6331 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406. THIS IS A VERY DRY SITE. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN AT ALL TIMES. PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK BUT NOT INSIDE THE ARCHERY RANGE. Leash laws are in effect. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the park.


Woodley Park is bordered by Victory Blvd. on the North and Burbank Blvd. on the South. The site is west of the 405 Fwy.

From the South: 405 Fwy North to Burbank Blvd exit. Go west on Burbank, turn right onto Woodley Ave. Head North, turn right on the road leading to the Japanese Garden. With the Japanese Garden on your left, head past the cricket field on your left. At the small traffic circle veer to the right and head 3/4 of the way around the circle and exit to the north. The archery range is up the hill.

From the East: 101 Fwy South (which is actually heading west), transition to the 405 Fwy North, then follow the above directions.

From the North: 405 Fwy South to Haskell Ave. Go south to Victory Blvd., turn right (west) onto Victory Blvd., then West to Woodley Ave. Turn left onto Woodley Ave and left at the road leading to the Japanese Garden. Follow the directions above.


Site fee for the day will be $5.00. There will be a surcharge of $5.00 for all non-members. Children 5 and under will be the guests of the barony. Checks are made out to SCA Inc./Barony of the Angels.


Please visit the Barony of the Angels website at for contact information.

From the Crown Prints

Official event announcements sanitized to not involve personal information.


From Baron [[Paganus Grimlove]--

  • Before I get to the winners of the day, I would like to thank some people who helped with the archery portion of the day:

Saunders mats arrangement.

run smoother and faster.

  • Lady Arianna Foxford for whom I could not have done the event without. She stepped in to be the site-o-crat when I told the Baroness I needed a local to handle the site arrangements (living about two hours away from the site and having heath issues). She made the ranking prizes, oversaw the event details and stepped in to finish the lists (when Lady Amanda had to leave; we knew she could only stay until 3:30) leaving me able to concentrate on the range. Lady Arianna was the autocrat of this event, not I.
  • The winners of the day:

In Service, Paganus Grimlove


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