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Ariana at Calafia Anniversary 2016
Preferred title: Barwnes/ Master
Their Pronouns: she/her
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Argent, a pile bendwise Or.
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Barwnes Ariana verch GwenllianRRE is a Herald Extraordinary of Caid, a Companion of the Laurel, and a member of the ship Iron Maiden.

Ariana was granted a Court Barony from Alexander and Tahira during the year of the Great Plague, and elevated as a Master of the Laurel by Their Majesties Valrik and Drada at Potrero War 2022.

Her pronouns are She/Her or They/Them, and prefers the titles Barwnes or Master as they apply in context.


Ariana verch Gwenllian was born around the turn of the 15th century in the cantref of Cedewain in Powys Wenwynwyn (modernly northern Wales) to a wool merchant named Ieuan ap Thomas and his wife, Gwenllian ferch Owain. Shortly before the birth of Ariana, Ieuan was killed, causing Gwenllian to sell the farm and move back to her native lands of Powys Fadog. When Ariana was born without a father, she was given the metronymic "verch Gwenllian".

Ariana was raised during the Last War of Independence - a time of tumult and strife as Owain ap Gruffydd had proclaimed himself Prince of Wales in revolt against the English crown. Gwenllian was an active member of the rebellion, aiding the Welsh efforts alongside her family. Too young to have any political inclinations, Ariana spent most of her time reading any book that she could get her hands on (but preferred stories of Knights and Ladies, and books on lineages). One day while in town, Ariana crossed paths with a young Baron by the name of Cormac Mór, who was on a diplomatic mission from Scotland. Over several lively discourses, the two became fast friends.

Looking to keep her daughter safe from any recourse from her actions as a rebel, Gwenllian approached Thegn Cormac to negotiate terms of service wherein he would supply Ariana with an education and training to become a herald of the court - a new and burgeoning field. He agreed, and with the terms set, Thegn Cormac and Ariana returned to his lands in Scotland where her education was continued.

After many years of tutelage, and thanks to the friendly Scottish-French relations allowed by the Auld Alliance, Ariana was placed as a court herald and herald-painter in the French court. In this capacity, she was recognized with the rank of Herald Extraordinary.

More on her life is still unknown at this time, and will be updated as new information is discovered.

Offices & Positions

College of Heralds - Offices

College of Heralds - Rank

  • Macer herald, Kingdom of Caid, 04/2011
  • Pursuivant herald, Kingdom of Caid, 11/2013
  • Herald, Kingdom of Caid, 05/2016
  • Herald Extraordinary, Kingdom of Caid, 01/2023


  • Seneschal, College of Saint Artemas, 09/2012 - 04/2014
  • Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Calafia, 05/2021 - 11/2022

Royal Court

Event Staff

  • Event Steward, Saint Artemas Anniversary 2013
  • Logistics Staff, Potrero War 2013
  • Server and Scullery staff, Twelfth Night 2014
  • Event Steward, Saint Artemas Anniversary 2014
  • Event Staff, KWHSS 2014
  • Base Camp Co-Steward, Potrero War 2014
  • War Herald, Potrero War 2014
  • War Herald, Potrero War 2015
  • Logistics Staff, Potrero War 2015
  • War Herald, Potrero War 2016
  • Royal Liaison, Potrero War 2016
  • War Herald, Potrero War 2017
  • Deputy Event Steward, Potrero War 2017
  • Logistics Staff, Potrero War 2018
  • Event Co-Steward, Heraldic and Scribal Play Date, July 2018
  • Head plater and Kitchen staff, Winter Arts Feast 2018
  • Logistics Co-Steward, Potrero War 2019
  • War Herald, Virtual Potrero War 2020
  • AV Team, Summer Coronation July 2021
  • Event Staff, Calafia Anniversary 2021
  • Logistics Staff, Potrero War 2022
  • Event Steward, Potrero War 2023
  • Head plater and AV Team, Summer Coronation July 2023
  • Kitchen Staff, Winter Coronation 2024

Projects & Publications

Classes Taught

  • Basic Chainmaille - College of St. Artemas Campus (March 2013)
  • Heraldic Armory Design - Household Meeting (August 2013)
  • Heraldic Display: Beyond the Banner - Calafia Winter Arts (December 2013)
  • Heraldry 101 - Calafia Household Meeting (February 2014)
  • Heraldic Display: Beyond the Banner - Calafia Winter Arts (December 2015)
  • Heraldic Standard Design - Baronial Fighter Practice (February 2015)
  • Order of Precedence and Court Etiquette - Calafia Household Meeting (September 2016)
  • Field Heraldry Basics and Practicum - Leif Ericsson Tournament (October 2016)
  • Heraldry 101 - Calafia Household Meeting (January 2017)
  • Territorial Herald Officer Requirements and Responsibilities - Altavia Anniversary (May 2019)
  • Heraldic Officer live Q&A - Online forum (March 2020)
  • Contestation of the Cross (of Caid) - KWHSS Mid-year Online (January 2021)
  • Heraldry for Scribes - Online Kingdom Scriptorium (October 2022)

Heraldic Research Publications and Contributions

Featured Artwork

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Image Preview Publication
We Will Endure.jpg Cover Image, Crown Prints (May 2020)

Featured Image, Caidan Chronicles (May 2020)

Masked Serpent.jpg Cover Image, Crown Prints (October 2020)


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Image Preview Award Recipient
Eilidh County Scroll.jpg County Eilidh na Tire Dharigh
Mansur County scroll.jpg County Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi'
12th Night 2015 Eridana Court Barony.png Court Barony Eridana Ambra Dragotta
12th Night 2015 Eridana Court Barony 2.png Detail of Court Barony Eridana Ambra Dragotta
12th Night 2015 Eridana Court Barony 3.png Detail of Court Barony Eridana Ambra Dragotta
Bruce MacDonald Trident Scroll.jpg Golden Trident Bruce MacDonald
Theresa Al Kin Trident Scroll.jpg Golden Trident Theresa Al Kin
Sakan Trident Scroll.jpg Golden Trident Sakan bint al-Kimiya'i
Sabyna Flame Scroll.jpg Serpent's Flame Sabyna of Aydon
Parlane Flame Scroll.jpg Serpent's Flame Parlane of Glenord

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