Angels Melee 2014

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Location: Angels
Date: 03/08/2014

Event Staff

  • Event Steward:

From the Crown Prints

From Their Excellencies

From Their Excellencies Peter and Gabrielle, Baron and Baroness of the Angels--

Angels' Melee 2014 - What a glorious and wonderful day shared with HRH Bridget and Her Court as we paid tribute to the Battle of Bannockburn with lots and lots of fighting!

Opening court brought us entertainment from our Seraph Bard (in absentia) Lord Paul fitz Denis through a poem celebrating the day and read by Lady Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover. Lady Colette la trouvere (accompanied by Lady Angharat on the drum and vocal) sang a beautiful original composition in honor of HRH Bridget, our Warrior Queen, and Baron Cormac Mór honored Baroness Gabrielle's request with a dramatic reading from Robert Burns. Thank you to all for sharing your talents with us - it was greatly appreciated.

And, of course, there was armored combat, rapier combat, merchants, Fiber Play Day and, of course, more fighting! (This is Melee after all!)

At Opening Court all fighters were charged to recommend to HRH Bridget and Baroness Gabrielle the Most Honorable and Chivalrous fighter of the day. It was such a hard decision that at closing court we had not just the Most Honorable and Chivalrous fighter, but an Honorable Mention as well: Armored Combat - Honorable Mention was Tiberius from the Bitter Luck (wearing a red and gold fighting tabard) with the Most Honorable and Chivalrous honor going to Sir Uilliam mór MacGregor; Rapier - Honorable Mention to Lord Jerrick van Den Helder for "scum and villainy," with the Most Honorable title going to Don Alexander Kallidokos.

The winning team for armored combat was the Corvus Warband and for rapier was the White Star. We instituted a new netting system this year (designed by Baron Peter who had help with the manufacturing by Lady Corinna de la Mare, Lord Caspian Lash Blackrune, Lord Anthony de la Mare and THL Fu Ching Lan); unfortunately, we did not have any combat archers to put the armored fighters and the netting to the test.

The cooking contest was won by THL Fu Ching Lan with her Scotcheroos (a sweet to die for!) First Place in the Illuminated Letter Contest was won by Lady Kutaiba al-Azrak; a Second Place and two Honorable Mentions were also awarded.

It was indeed a wonderful day; however, none of it would have been possible without the following people, so we would like to give heartfelt thanks to:

Additionally, thanks to:

(We apologize if we missed anyone - please know that without all of you we would not be able to live the Dream)

Yours in Service, Peter and Gabrielle


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