Caedmon Gordon

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Resides: Calafia
Status: Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per bend sable and barry bendy argent and azure, a bendlet gules fimbriated between a wolf passant argent and an Irish harp sable

THL Caedmon Gordon

Offices and Positions

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Award Recipient
Caedmongordon22.jpg Award of Arms Ambros Celidonis
Scriptorum15.JPG Award of Arms Boneth of Glenarvon
Caedmongordon51.jpg Award of Arms Deorwulf se Deorc
Caedmongordon6.jpg Award of Arms Elaine y Moryn
Scriptorum14.JPG Award of Arms Francis Burnell of Selkirk
Caedmongordon48.jpg Award of Arms Haakon Oaktall formerly John of Pentagast
Caedmongordon8.jpg Award of Arms Jana Aoibeall
Caedmongordon36.jpg Award of Arms Karen of the Silver Dragonfly, the Sweet
Caedmongordon37.jpg Award of Arms "Kate of the Silver Dragonfly, the Fair"
Caedmongordon11.jpg Award of Arms Kathryn Grewar of Loch Awe
Caedmongordon29.jpg Award of Arms Kevan o Rathkeale
Caedmongordon39.jpg Award of Arms Leo de Coronado
Caedmongordon5.jpg Award of Arms Leona di Francesco
Caedmongordon47.jpg Award of Arms Megen Paget formerly Meghan Fiona Paget
Caedmongordon23.jpg Award of Arms Neptha of Thebes
Caedmongordon14.jpg Award of Arms Selene Colfox
Caedmongordon16.jpg Award of Arms Stephen de Huyn
Caedmongordon44.jpg Award of Arms Tuvor Sabledrake
Maritsamilovich12.jpg County Déshivé Luciana d'Avignon
Caedmongordon33.jpg Court Barony Louise of Woodsholme
Scriptorum18.JPG Dolphin Alewaulfe the Red
Caedmongordon27.jpg Dolphin Anne de Villanova
Caedmongordon45.jpg Dolphin Atar Bakhtar
Caedmongordon43.jpg Dolphin Aurelia of Ashton
Caedmongordon49.jpg Dolphin Caedmon Gordon
Caedmongordon3.jpg Dolphin Gabrielle nicChlurain
Scriptorum45.JPG Dolphin Leonora Morgana
Scriptorum20.JPG Dolphin Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren
Maritsamilovich8.jpg Dolphin Lorissa du Griffin
Maritsamilovich11.jpg Dolphin Philip of Meadhe
Caedmongordon28.jpg Dolphin Robear du Bois
Caedmongordon38.jpg Dolphin Robyn Lon Creighton of Thorndyke
Caedmongordon10.jpg Dolphin Tressa Helana Beaumaris
Caedmongordon35.jpg Duchy Diana de Savigny
Caedmongordon15.jpg Duchy Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst
Caedmongordon25.jpg Duchy Natalya de Foix
Caedmongordon31.jpg Grant of Arms Atar Bakhtar
Maritsamilovich10.jpg Grant of Arms Caedmon Gordon
Caedmongordon52.jpg Grant of Arms Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood
Caedmongordon32.jpg Harp Argent Atar Bakhtar
Caedmongordon1.jpg Harp Argent Auberon Cirin
Caedmongordon41.jpg Harp Argent Colin Wynthorpe
Caedmongordon30.jpg Harp Argent Diana de Savigny
Caedmongordon53.jpg Harp Argent Dietrich von Vogelsang
Caedmongordon50.jpg Harp Argent Elizabeth Tremayne of Silverleaf
Caedmongordon26.jpg Harp Argent Elric Thurstonsen of Dragonskeep
Caedmongordon34.jpg Harp Argent Gareth Nikodemos Somerset
Caedmongordon7.jpg Harp Argent Gaston Bonneville de la Croix
George of Glen Laurie Harp.jpg Harp Argent George of Glen Laurie
AtanielleUnesse19.JPG Harp Argent Julianna Neuneker Hirsch von Schutzhundheim, Formerly Jetana the Harper
Caedmongordon24.jpg Harp Argent Kaarna of the Amethyst
Caedmongordon4.jpg Harp Argent Máirghréad Ros FitzGarret of Desmond
Scriptorum20.JPG Harp Argent Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren
Caedmongordon2.jpg Harp Argent Paul the Dark
Caedmongordon42.jpg Harp Argent Peter of Dun Calma
Caedmongordon12.jpg Harp Argent Robear du Bois
Caedmongordon18.jpg Harp Argent Sophia de Leon
Caedmongordon21.jpg Laurel Lavendar of Lorne
Caedmongordon46.jpg Laurel Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Caedmongordon13.jpg Laurel Tryggvi Halftrollson
Caedmongordon54.JPG Detail of Laurel Tryggvi Halftrollson