Third Heatherwyne Anniversary Melee Tournament 1981

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Magic at Third Heatherwyne.jpg
Patrick Levi Darkwrath doing a magic trick at the Revel for Third Heatherwyne Anniversary. On the right standing is Brian the Inquizitive. Seated is James the Inconstant.
Location: Heatherwyne
Date: June 13, 1981

Heatherwyne held its Third Anniversary Tourney at Upland Memorial Park, the site of the Heatherwyne Inception Tourney.


  • Melee Tournament.
  • Contests galore.

From the Heatherwyne Press

Third Heatherwyne Anniversary Melee Tournament

Come ye all to that most marvelous, enjoyable tradition that is the Heatherwyne Anniversary Celebration. This will happen on Saturday, June 13, in the city of Upland. Melee lists in the Heatherwyne tradition will be held. There will also be opportunities for challenge matches so polish your wits.

The contests are:

Best Medicinal Drink – Sponsor Lady Annalind

Open to the imagination: Alcoholic or non as you think the best. To be judged at the Revel along with the next contest.

Best Curative Drink or Treatment for the Morning After – Sponsor Stephan von Halleck

Entries designed to alleviate symptoms produced by judging the previous contest most welcome. (Note: Entries to the previous two contests should be non toxic as we need the sponsors to survive the judging.)

Best Ballad or Legend Commemorating War Hero(s) of Heatherwyne – Sponsor Stephan von Halleck

As many wars as we have been to, someone(s) must have done something(s) worth talking or singing about. This will be the theme of the bardic circle at the Revel but entries can be heard at the Tourney if you can’t make it to the Revel.

Best Song for Group Participation – Sponsor Lady Sarah Telyn

The judges will be looking for a song with refrain easily learned for the audience to join in on. Any variation that will allow people to join in will be looked upon with favor.

Best Nonalcoholic Use of a Grape – Sponsor Lord Emory

Bake it, squeeze it, put it in a pie. If it is nonalcoholic it is a waste of time anyway but Emory asks you to use your imagination.


Design a tapestry! – Sponsor Astra Christiana Benedict

Make a full size paper (Approx. 56” X 72”) template for a tapestry on a Naval theme to be embroidered at the Royal Navy Olympics on August 29. The winning entry will be transferred to linen and be made available for ladies to work on (Gentlemen will be welcome, too!). This is the beginning of a large scale project. Keep in mind that it is to be a Naval theme. Among the qualities to be considered will be appropriate subject, execution of artwork, ease of embroider, and breadth of vision.

On the spot contests in an impromptu, informal manner will be organized at the Tourney and at the Revel to follow.

The Tourney site will be the same place as the Inception Tourney three years ago at Upland Memorial Park. See the map for directions. The site is to the rear of the Park.

The Revel will be at the Upland Odd Fellows Hall. Yes, that Noble Throne Room will once again be available to Their Majesties. The Hall is upstairs at……in the City of Upland. The Revel is a Dessert Revel. There will be a $2.00 charge or this will be waived if you provide a dessert to feed eight. (Remember that we are hungry in Heatherwyne). Drinks will be provided (of the non salubrious kind) and this is a wet hall so you may provide beverage of your own as well. Please be moderate in taking advantage of the privilege.

Set up is at 9 A.M. at the Park. Court will be at 10 A.M. There will be a dinner break after the Tourney. The Hall will open soon after the Tourney ends.

Volunteers to help, entertain, etc. at Revel or Tourney: Lords or Ladies needing information: Friends, Enemies, Strangers, Etc. with suggestions: and other etc. Please contact:

Autocrats – Lord James the Inconstant & Lady Amanda Januarius of Silver Woods at………..

(Ed. Note – the map has an arrow pointing East clearly marked “Rock” and an arrow pointing West clearly marked “Hard Place”, thus documenting and answering the age old question of which Barony was which.)


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