Second Heatherwyne Anniversary Melee Tournament 1980

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Location: Heatherwyne
Date: June 14, 1980

The Second Anniversary of Heatherwyne was celebrated with a melee tourney in conjunction with fundraising for the Royal Navy of Caid.


  • Fighting
  • Feasting
  • Fundraising

From the Heatherwyne Press, Vol. III, No. 4

Heatherwyne Anniversary And Royal Navy of Caid

Announcing to all

The Second Annual Heatherwyne Anniversary Tournament And Royal Navy of Caid Annual Fundraising Recommissioning (formerly the Tugboat Olympics)

June 14, 1980 Saturday The California Country Club in Whittier

Set up from 8:30am to 9:30am. Opening Court: 10:00am

Melee tournament including: orcish melee, Viking raids, harbor town massacres, pirate pillaging, and home game!! Lists fee: 50 cents. The Great Naval Vessel will be present! (the San Gabriel River nearby will provide Naval access).

Arts and other contests during the tourney and revel, as well as fundraising activities for Royal Navy causes.

Showers will be available on site (a $1.50 fee includes shower, soap, towel, cologne, and attendant).

Revel is on the tourney site! $1.00 for finger food and drink including mead and nonalcoholic beverages. There will be a full service wet bar but due to state regulation there will be no BYOB.

DINNER IS AVAILABLE AT THE REVEL!! 3 courses of medieval food including pheasant! You will be served by the club staff! All for only $7.00 per person. We need reservations as soon as possible to guarantee this feast. Contact Edward de Anvil (Ed Doub) at………

From the Heatherwyne Press


by Lord James the Inconstant

Heatherwyne, CAID - The Tourney to celebrate the second year of Heatherwyne's existance was held June 14, A.S. XV, at the California Country Club in Whittier. Stephan von Halleck was the autocrat, Lord Edward de Anvil was the banquet autocrat and liason with the Country Club. Lord James the Inconstant was the Marshal-in-charge and the major-domo at the feast.

The fighting was the traditional melee style. There was a general field melee, a pillage melee, a town fight, an orcish melee, a two weapons melee, and a home game. Fighters were placed into teams at random for each melee and a handicap point system awarded points to individuals according to team performance. Sir Martin the Temperate was the overall winner followed by Thorsen the Dane and Peterzoliden.

The menu for the banquet that night is reproduced elsewhere in this issue. In Cooks Press, along with Vanessa's pasties as promised last month, you will find the recipe for balfour rice as served at the banquet by Lord Edward.

The revel started with a Royal Navy of Caid contest for a sea chanty. Entries were submitted by Sir Charles of Dublin, Mistress Natalya Gregorovna, Thorsen the Dane, and Lady Mairi nic Laren. They then graciously continued with more songs while the judge, Stephan, burdened with such a choice, finally decided the award to Sir Charles.

The Best Dressed Girl in Port contest took much examination and deliberation (SCHOONER! SCHOONER!) and was diverting for the populace and Navy alike. King Martin most royally acted as master of ceremonies and all decisions but his are debateable.

The night ended with dancing, conversation, and clean up.


On Table

oatcakes, appin biscuits

Remove the First

arbolettys, galloway apples, leaks

Remove the Second

soppes dorre, farsed fesaunt, lemon whyt, amyndoun sean

Remove the Third

gran sallet, balfour rice, triffle, bred, hunney


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