Summergate Anniversary 2006

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Location: Summergate,

St. Mary's Star-of-the-Sea school

Date: 05/20/2006

The Event Steward was Lady Talitha de Bard.


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

From the Crown Prints

Unto the good and noble peoples of the Kingdom of Caid does the Canton of Summergate send warm greetings.

You are hereby invited to share a day of festivities with us at St. Mary's Star-of-the-Sea school in Oceanside, as we celebrate our lovely Canton's Anniversary. Fighting and activities are scheduled throughout the day. Fighting will include heavies, rapier, and Youth Combat.

The theme for this year's celebration has been revised. It is now "Summergate in Wonderland." Enjoy a day of fun and amusement with us! We will be having a "Mad Hatters" contest for the best period hat. We will also be having hedgehog/flamingo croquet match hosted by "Baroness Adelicia's Croquet League." For fundraising this year our event will feature a "Tea House", run by Lady Kendryth filia Gerald. Enjoy a cuppa cuppa or a pot of your favorite tea, coffee, or other beverages, and a plate of cookies, all for a small donation. All proceeds will go to the Canton of Summergate.

Please note: There will be a meeting of the Outdoor Cooking Guild at this event.

Event Site: St. Mary's Star-of-the-Sea School, 515 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside, CA. This is a DRY site.

Directions: Take the 5 to Oceanside Bl and go WEST (that's towards the sea!). Turn RIGHT onto South Coast Highway. Go 5 blocks to Wisconsin Avenue (please note that the intersection with Wisconsin Avenue is not marked). Turn RIGHT. The school will be on the right. Parking will be in a lot at the corner of Wisconsin and Ditmar. Additional parking available surrounding the school.

  • Site Opens: 8am
  • Site Closes: 5pm

Please be off-site by 6pm

Site Fee:

  • $3 members,
  • $6 non-members

Please make checks out to "SCA, Inc./Canton of Summergate"


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