Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 2000

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Location: Hunt Park in Riverside
Date: 05/06/2000

Spring Thing

Starting in 1996 the then incipient canton of Mons Draconis was granted the right to use Dreiburgen Spring Tournament as their anniversary

Event Staff


Mons Draconis Anniversary was attended by approximately 45 people including 9 fighters. Fighting Lists included a Bear Pit and a Melee.

From the Crown Prints

Mons Draconis’ Anniversary Spring Thing

May 6, 2000

Spring has sprung and flowers bloom. Fighters fight and meet their doom. Come and join Mons Draconis for their Anniversary, Spring Celebration and fun twist on the War of the Roses. Details to be given at Opening Court.


The War of the Roses melee will be followed by a "Bear Pit". Victor of each combat holding the field, wounds retained, until he/she is killed. Victories will be scored by weighted point value, defeating King's Champion = 5, Baronial champions = 4, Knights = 3, all others = 1. Victor will be the one accumulating the most points. This victor will become Mons Draconis' Champion.


  • Sonnet - Write a sonnet to compare Her Excellency Luighseach nic Lochlainn to the fine qualities of herbs.
  • Bread - Best use of herbs in bread. Must be accompanied by a non-returnable copy of the recipe.
  • Salad - Best use of herbs in salad. Must be accompanied by a non-returnable copy of the recipe.
  • Beverage - Non-alcoholic beverage. Please bring at least one gallon of the beverage and a non-returnable copy of recipe.

On Site Contests

Weaving and Embroidery, and Best Tale of Herbal Restorative. (Creativity and originality a plus. Please describe what has been restored and how. Must be suitable for a general audience).


Awards Given


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