Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 1999

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Location: Crossroads Riverview Park in Corona
Date: 05/01-02/1999

Spring Thing

Starting in 1996 the then incipient canton of Mons Draconis was granted the right to use Dreiburgen Spring Tournament as their anniversary

Event Staff

Autocrat – Finn Mathie

From the Crown Prints

Spring Thing in Mons Draconis

May 1 & 2 1999

The Canton of Mons Draconis sends unto the populace this invitation. This being Mons Draconis’ first anniversary as a canton, we will be hosting “Spring Thing Tourney” at Crossroads Riverview Park, 3333 River Road, Corona

Awards Given

Towers of Dreiburgen - Christina Ebenstein


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Plague Rat Poem Contest Entries


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