Spring Longsword/Great Sword Tourney 2008

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Caption Needed
Location: Summergate,

Live Oak Park

Date: 03/01/2008

The Event Steward was Guenivere Marian Coe.


From the Crown Prints

Let all know well that we, The Canton of Summergate, do fervently believe in the ideals of the tournaments, the noble deeds of arms, and all that is chivalrous. Thusly, we ever and foremost strive to bring honor to the one that inspires us. We request that all who may shall arm and clothe yourselves, as would your ancient ancestors of the 13th - 15th century.

Weapons inspection will begin at 9:00am Opening court will begin about 10:00am with List to close shortly thereafter.

There will be 2 lists - 1 for Long Sword and one for Great Sword, to be run as a round robin for each list. The winner of each list will do combat against the other for the overall winner of the day. Rules for Long Sword list - Primary weapon must be a single hand sword with a total length of 36" - 42". Shields will not be allowed. An off hand weapon that is 24" or less in total length may be used. Weapons may have thrusting tips.

Rules for Great Sword List - Weapons must be Great Swords with a total length of 60" to 78". Weapons may have thrusting tips. Weapons may have butt spikes. Pole weapons such as glaives, axes, etc. will not be allowed. All weapons will be inspected prior to use and must be in good repair. Some loaner weapons and Gauntlets will be available for use.

There will be Rapier, Unarmored, and Youth Combat as well. We will also have activities for children.

Lunch will be available for a nominal fee and well as a gently used Summergate Yard Sale as fund raisers for upcoming Summergate events.


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