Spring Coronation 1980

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Left to right - Martin the Temperate, Neptha of Thebes, Amsha al Sirhan, Balin of Tor
Location: Lyondemere
Date: May 31, 1980

The Coronation of the Fifth King and Queen of Caid.


  • Martin and Neptha were crowned King and Queen
  • Balin and Amsha held their last court
  • AEthelred the Jute was knighted

From the Heatherwyne Press


by Lord James the Inconstant

Lyondemere, CAID - On Saturday, the 31st of May, A.S. XV, the fifth King of Caid, Sir Martin the Temperate, Count, OP, was crowned along with his Queen, Countess Neptha of Thebes, OL, here in the Barony of Lyondemere.

The opening court was the last court of Their Majesties, King Balin and Queen Amsha. Heatherwyne presented to King Balin a book, Lure of the Limerick, to commemorate the time he graciously accepted our invitation to dinner at Crown Tourney in the Shire and entertained us with the recitation of several interesting examples of this art form. To Queen Amsha we gave a brace of pegasi for her delight.

AEthelred the Jute was knighted at this coronation. All welcome the newest of Caid's chivalry.

Then followed the coronation of Sir Martin and Countess Neptha. The knights, peerage, and landed gentry swore fealty and Balin and Amsha were invested as Count and Countess. King Martin and Queen Neptha held their first court. Lady Sarah Telyn is Lady in Waiting to Queen Neptha.

There was a joyous feast and revel to celebrate the Coronation.


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