Second Crown Tournament

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Location: Calafia
Balboa Park
Date: 09/23-24/1978

Despite Santa Ana winds and the Ramona Fire (which was close enough to sprinkle a fine layer of ash over the last rounds of fighting and Closing Court), the tourney was festive and well-attended. There were twenty pavilions and over 100 members by mid-afternoon.

Contest winners included:

The Mobile Kitchen provided lunch.

The first meeting of the Kingdom's Arts Council was held at September Crown 1978 to discuss the major goals of the Arts office and how to implement them. It was agreed that the Arts needed a "higher" profile to raise awareness about artistic fields open to the populace and available teachers. The first order of business will be music and songs. Another meeting was scheduled for Fall Coronation. Mistress Louise of Woodsholme was Mistress of Arts.

Their Majesties Armand and Diana welcomed Their successors Sir Martin the Temperate and Lady Neptha of Thebes.

Lord Jehansah ess Salaam memo hazara Khan-ad-Din autocratted a revel.

Sunday saw a more casual event with a variety of games including Norse Stickball, followed by a croquet game. There was a demo at St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church in nearby Clairemont (San Diego).

The autocrats were Baroness Rowen Lynn of Woodvine and Lisetts de Bergeron.

Chronicle provided by Lisetts de Bergeron

Photographs forthcoming.


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