Scribal and Heraldic Playday 2016

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Studies at Scribal Playday
Location: Angels
Date: 8/28/2016

Scribal and Herald Playday 2016, a casual day for scribes and heralds to take classes, work on projects and connect with fellow scribes and heralds.

Event Staff

Aliskye Rosel and Paul Fitz Denis


Classes in bookbinding, illumination, calligraphy, heraldic topics and a mock court.

Illumination Classes:

Drop-in Classes

Calligraphy (Astrid) 1-4 How to do Mantling (Ronan) 1-4 Scribal Chemistry (Aliskye) 11-12, 3-4 (bring small containers to take sample glair and gum arabic home) Mixing Period Pigments (Flavia will leave handouts and materials) - 11-5


Botanical Watercolors (Valeria) - 11am Pigment Levigation (Eowyn) - 12pm (Bring a container to take a sample home) Insular Art (Eowyn) - 2pm Bookbinding demo (Thomas) - 11-5

Heraldic Classes:

Drop-in Classes Vector Art for Heralds (Aritê gunê Akasa, 11 AM - 2PM) Crescent Herald Office Hours (Paul fitz Denis, 11 AM - 2 PM)

Scheduled Classes 11 AM: Artistic License (Cormac Mór) 2 PM: Being Heard and Understood: An Introduction to Voice Heraldry (Paul fitz Denis & Cormac Mór) 2 PM: Introduction to Old Norse Names (Eiríkr Mjoksiglandi Sigurðarson) 3:30 PM: The Terrified Newbie Herald's Guide to Running Court (Paul fitz Denis)


Book Circle (bring your favorite book and we'll do a show and tell) - 4pm Raffle - 5pm Clean-up - 5:30pm Hall closes - 6pm

From the Crown Prints

Come enjoy a day of round-table workshops and classes about all things scribal and heraldic. There some classes at set times, but for the most part instructors will be holding down tables so people can drop by all day long. Period clothing is welcome, but not required.

The event will be held at Alondra Park Community Room, 3850 W. Manhattan Beach Boulevard Lawndale, CA 90260. Site opens 10 AM and closes at 6 PM.

Registration: $15; $10 with membership card. Make checks payable to "SCA Inc./College of Heralds."

For more information contact the Event Stewards, Mistress Aliskye Rosel and Lord Paul fitz Denis.


From Aliskye Rosel:

Scribal and Heraldic Playday is over! Woo!

I want to thank everyone who showed up today and everyone who bought raffle tickets and donated things to the raffle.

I want to thank all the fabulous teachers: Flavia, Arite, Paul, Astrid, Ronan, Valeria, Cormac, Thomas, Eowyn, and Eirikr.

I want to thank John and Flavia for bringing Ancient Pigments to sell. Such awesome stuff!

I especially want to thank Jon Thomme for getting there early with direction signs and him, Emma and Arianna for all being early and helping with set-up.

I really want to thank Richenda for handling gate and selling all the raffle tickets.

And last but certainly not least I want to thank Paul for co-stewarding, wrangling all the Heraldic classes, doing the event announcement and all the gentle reminders of things that needed doing.

Yay. *Thud!*



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