Margaret ingen Domnaill

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Margaret ingen Domnaill with Angharat Gogh and Meredith singing at Queen Bridget's Festival of the Rose 2017
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Starkhafn
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Margaret heraldry.png
Or, three badgers rampant Sable marked Argent
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Margaret ingen Domnaill is an artisan living in Starkhafn. She was the 12th Bard of Caid for Duchess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie and Countess Tahira Al-Fahida during 2017 for her original composition arranging the Gregorian chant 'Ubi Caritas et Amor'. She is also the head of the Starkhafn Scriptorium and reinstated the Bard of Starkhafn competition, taking place each year at Starkhafn Anniversary. As Bard in 2017, she began the tradition of the Regional Bardic Challenge at the Open Arms Bardic Hall. She is interested in calligraphy and illumination, music, brewing, archery, rapier, silent heraldry, and embroidery.


Margaret was born in Scotland in the 10th century and married a farmer-landowner with a small estate in the lowlands. She became a widow when her husband was killed in a clan dispute, so she is effectively the lady of the manor with all the rights and privileges of a landowner. As is fitting a lady of her station, she is musically skilled and a supporter of the arts, but also interested in calligraphy and illumination, brewing, archery, rapier, and embroidery. She later remarried Randulf Greenwall and travels with him, his knight Conrad Breakring, and his brother Wade Greenwall.

Offices & Positions


  • 2nd at the Known World Bardic Competition at Estrella War 2013
  • 2nd at the Bardic Competition at Mixed Weapons War 2013
  • Winner of the Bard of Caid Competition at Festival of the Rose 2017
  • Participant of the Brewing Competition at GWW XX


  • AOA - 2014
  • Harp Argent - Singing - 2015
  • Harp Argent - Instrumental - 2016
  • Order of the Starjna of Starkhafn - Baronial Arts Award - 2016
  • Order of the Steinn of Starkhafn- Baronial Service Award - 2016

Classes Taught

Event Staff

  • Organized and ran the premier Bard of Starkhafn competition at Starkhafn's Anniversary (04/09/2016)
  • Organized and ran the Regional Bardic Champion Challenge at GWW XX (08/07/2017)
  • Fighter Support at Estrella War (2012-2013)
  • Fighter Support at Great Western War (2014-present)

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation summer 2016 39.jpg Crescent of Caid Lasairiona inghean Gheibheannaigh