Lyondemere Anniversary 2010

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Caption Needed
Location: Lyondemere
Calle Maior Middle School
Torrance, CA
Date: 7/24/2010

This anniversary would selebrate the first full year of the tenure of Baron Jon Thomme and Baroness Eva.


From the Crown Prints

Event steward: Lady Amya Weaver

The Barony of Lyondemere invites you to join us on our anniversary for a day of recreation and relaxation. The long summer day gives you plenty of time for the many activities we have planned.

Archery: It’s going to be a fun day on the range with several novelties including a turn and shoot, a grouping shoot and a wand shoot. There will also be a miss target - a period Japanese target set up – and if time permits there will also be games involving both balloons and regular targets. Lots of activities that last only one or two rounds so you can spend as much or as little time on the range as you like!

Armored Combat: Do you have what it takes to be the Armored Combat Champion of Lyondemere? Try your hand against worthy opponents in a standard double elimination tournament to see who will bear the title of Champion for the next year! Armored combat Fighters Rejoice! Sirs Dante and Gareth's fifth annual Inferno Prize Tourney is on its way! Bring your swords, great weapons, 14" bucklers, shields and gauntlets and prepare for as much fighting as we can fit into the day. As usual, Inferno will take place between rounds of the Lyondemere Anniversary Tourney and you do not have to enter one to participate in the other. You may fight in as many Inferno single-elimination-mini-tourneys as you wish to garner points for the overall prize of a 14" buckler. You've seen the video game advertised on TV--now come and play for real!

Rapier Combat: The time has come to once again select a Champion in the fair art of Rapier upon the fields of the Barony of Lyondemere. All Noble and Worthy Swordspersons are hereby encouraged to put forth their skills upon the field for the honor of being the next Champion of Lyondemere. The tournament style shall be standard double elimination format for the viewing pleasure of the Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere. Additionally, we will be offering a Nine Lives Tournament. This is a Challenge Tournament format. The winner of the challenge collects the “life (lives)” of the losing opponent. You will have the opportunity to continue your challenges as long as you have “lives to put on the line.” The fencers with the most “lives” will advance to the final round(s). This will be a challenge tournament and you are encouraged to bring your creativity in your challenges, inclusive of your right to wager more than one “life.”

Thrown Weapons: Come to the range and try your hand at axes, knives and spears! On the list for the day is an axe competition with 3 axes thrown at a target, a knife competition with 4 knives thrown at a target and possibly a spear throwing competition. Also, if time and circumstances permit, we will do a clout throw with 5 spears.

Arts Competition: Artists and artisans are encouraged to bring their best new pieces for the People’s Choice arts competition. The theme is “Summertime in Lyondemere” and the prize is a wonderful handmade gift from Their Excellencies Jon Thomme and Eva.

Youth Activities: The youth of Caid are invited to come try their hand at jewelry-making by creating colorful beaded bracelets.

Basket Raffle: Once again Lyondemere will be raffling off many baskets full of useful and/or entertaining items!

Fabric Sale Fundraiser: Come one and all to buy fabric to support the Company of Clothiers! We are raising funds to put on a most excellent Black Rose Ball for the kingdom in October. So stop by our booth between 9 and 4 to see if we have some fabric that you just can't live without. Who knows, you may find the perfect fabric for your Tudor for the Ball?

The Inn of the Crimson Spade is pleased to be a part of the day's activities by providing shade and drinks to the populace. As always, we will have games of skill and chance for the experienced or newcomer, as well as providing seating for those who wish to enjoy the displays of chivalry and skill which will surely take place on the armored and rapier fields.

Merchant Information: Merchants are welcome, but please contact the event steward in advance. Fees Site fee is $10 for adults; members with proof of membership will receive a $5 discount; $3 for children (3-12yrs). Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. / Barony of Lyondemere.


8:00am – Site opens
10:00am – Opening Court
5:00pm – Closing Court
6:30pm – Site closes


  • The wether was great for fighting: sunny though not hot. It was a bit breezy though, and could be cool in the shade. It seemed the Black Rose Ball fundraiser was a runaway success--some really nice fabric for sale, and plenty of it!--Lachlan 23:13, 24 July 2010 (PDT)


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