Black Rose Ball 2010

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Black Rose Ball
Location: Lyondemere
Date: 10/16/2010

The Right Noble Company of Clothiers of Caid, is proud to present the 2010 Black Rose Ball. The event will be held on October 16, 2010 in Lyondemere, Caid.

This year's theme is "The Field of Cloth of Gold"[1] - the infamous summit that took place in 1520 between England's King Henry VIII and Francis I, king of France.


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

In June of 1520, Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France met near Calais to display the magnificence of their courts and increase the bond of friendship between their two kingdoms. It didn't work, but the splendor of the pavilions and clothes, banquets, tournaments, music and games became legendary, and the event became known as the Field of Cloth of Gold.

Being deeply in favor of anything involving great clothes, the Right Noble Company of Clothiers is pleased to announce a Black Rose Ball to be held on October 16, 2010, with the theme of The Field of Cloth of Gold.

Early 16th century dress encouraged, but not required. Cloth of gold or reasonable facsimile encouraged, but not required. There will be plenty of LIVE music, dancing, good things to eat, and (this is where you come in!) people in fabulous dress to admire.

In addition, the Ball will include a Timeline Fashion Show, Hall Costume Awards, a Sotelty Contest, and gaming. There will be a dance practice in the afternoon, snacks and refreshments during the day and light supper repast at the Ball proper.


3 pm Site Opens
3-5 pm Dance Practice
5-6 pm Change for the Ball (dressing rooms available)
6 pm Ball begins
7 pm Timeline Fashion Show
10 pm Hall closes


From Lachlan of Cromarty

The hall was lavishly decorated with flowers and chandeliers, plus "grand and exotic new-world fruits" (pumpkins). At one end of the hall stood a colorful pavilion with a fountain that flowed with "wine" (At the historic event, two wine fountains stood outside of Henry's temporary palace--given that this event was in a modern-day middle school, sparkling grape juice was served instead). Above the hall flew the banners of the Kings of England and France, the banners of ten great French and English lords present at the Field of Cloth of Gold, and the banners of Caid and the Company of Clothiers.

Adjacent to the dance hall was a patio enclosed with temporary walls. Inside was a long buffet table, regularly stocked, and gaming tables provided by the Inn of the Crimson Spade and Mealla Caimbeul, all lit (albeit dimly) by real candle chandeliers.

Dances were led by Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia and Elva Mac Askil to the musical accompaniment of the Unusual Consort. The band also brought along a couple of “Rommelpots”, a peculiar percussion instrument that makes a sound something like a donkey’s brae. It is easy enough to play that many revelers gave it a few strokes.

The fashion show chronicled the evolution of garments in France and England from the dark ages through the Renaissance. In all, twenty garments were displayed and described by Master of Ceremonies, Giles Hill.

Ludwig Mahler von Koeln took formal portraits of the well-dressed revelers.

While the event was only lightly attended, everyone present had a merry time indeed!

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