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Location: Angels
Date: 01/14/1989

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Twelfth Night in Samarkhand:

Even now, messengers are winging their way the Great Khan's Hall, telling himj of the splendidly arrayed caravans nearing the end of the perilous journey across Caid to Samarkhand. In anticipation of this day, the Khan has called together the greatest artisans, entertiner4sw, and cooks within his vast realm to prepare all manner of divertissements for your enjoyment.

Opulent Table Setting Contest In keeping with the theme of Sable/Argent/Or, the Khan will reward the most Opulent Table Setting. Unlit candles may be put on the tables. 35: winde tables seat 8 (4 on each side).

Revel: The Revel will include dancing; theatrical, musical, and prestidigitational performances; a special auction by the Tavern Guild; and the Traditional Costume Contest; The revel fee is $3.00 if you are not attending the banquet. If you desire something a bit quieter, Scheherazade's Cavern will be open in the evening for you to display your bardic skills. The Khan's Bard Extraordinaire, Sir Charles of Dublin and members of the Bardic Consortium, will be on hand to share their vast repository of music, song, and poetry with all and sundry. The Seragilo will be available under the gentile guidance of lovely Baroness Lyndia of Woodlyn for ethnic dance in the evening. There will be a Chirurgeon's Station in the foyer for those in need. The Khan's own Gamesmaster, Earl Edward Ian Anderson. will provide ample opportunity for you to while away the afternoon and evening with various games and wagering contests. Heralds will traverse the site, announcing special activities. You will also receive a packet with a programme, your banquet favor, the day's schedule, a site map, a restaurant map, and bank addresses when you arrive. Dressing rooms will be available. Mistress Beth Carpenter of Rye will provide programming for the Caidan Crescents. The 12 Night Costume Contest will be held at the revel. Categories are Best Gentleman's, Best Lady's, Best Complementary Couple, and Best Childs's garb. Entry cards will be included in your programme packet. Hall Costume prizes will be given.


  • 9:00am Site opens
  • 9:30am Canton of the Canyons Wayfarers' Station opens; Merchants Circle and Arcade open
  • 10:30am Assemble for Grande Processional
  • 11:00am Grande Processional and 12th Night Court
  • 1:00pm Sanctuary closes; Game Room Opens. Some time between 1:00 and 3:00, there will be dance instruction and the start of the Tavern Guild Auction
  • 3:00pm Wayfarers' Station closes
  • 3:30pm Banquet begins
  • 6:30pm Banquet hall closes; Sheherazad's Cavern (bardic room) and the Seraglio (ethnic dance) open
  • 7:30pm Revel begins
  • 11:00pm Revel ends; clean-up beings
  • 12:00mn Site closes; everything turns back into pumpkins and mice

Rather than a traditional Grande March, we will assemble for a Grande Processional. You will be lined up in order of precedence and will process down the spacious aisle of the beautiful sanctuary to greet Their Majesties, Guy and Darla; no names will be announced.1

Site: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA

Official 12th Night "Hope I Didn't Forget Anything" Check List
The Khan, thoughtful fellow that he is, wishes all his guests to arrive calmly and safely at the event. His wizards and wisemen have conducted exhaustive studies to ascertain ways to insure this, to wit:

  • (1) Fill up the gas tank before getting on the road.
  • (2) Pull the all-nighter, if necessary, on Thursday, not Friday night.
  • (3) Avoid domestic altercations while packing the car.
  • (4) Bring this page from The Crown Prints.
  • (5) Bring money, credit cards, check book, and automatic teller cards2
  • (6) Pack costumes and accessories (jewelry, hats, pins, pouches, tights).
  • (7) Label and pack table setting (including plates, goblet, utensils, and napkins)
  • (8) Wrap and pack presentation(s), if any; don't forget to contact Master Bruce Draconarius at least one week in advance!
  • (9) Wrap, label, and pack 12th Night gifts.
  • (10) Pack any necessary medications (aspirin is always good).
  • (11) Pack warm mundane clothing for your smalls3 (and the trip home).
  • (12) Pack cloak, cape, shawl.
  • (13) Pack instruments or props if you are performing.
  • (14) Turn off the oven, the iron, the computer, and the curling iron.
  • (15) Give the address of the site to babysitter/relative staying with the smalls at home.
  • (16) Double-check this list before leaving.

1 The Sanctuary had been rented for a specific amount of time, so the normal Grande March had to be shortened and court absolutely positively had to be on time, to prevent additional rental fees. 2 What ATM cards used to be called. 3 Smalls = children. The term went out of style and was replaced with "Youth"


  • Please feel free to add memories to this section.


Program Booklet


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