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The Iron Crescent‎

The Iron Crescent is a Rapier Melee challenge. It was initiated by the White Scarves of Caid in 2009.

The First Challenge

Rapier Fighters, pray heed!

Come one, come all team fighters! Starting May 10, at Altavia Anniversary, the first Iron Crescent team melee!

Haven't gotten enough team fighting? Love Caid? Well, here's your chance to shine! The newest team fighting award can be yours if you can hold it. The White Scarves of Caid are sponsoring this melee prize for the rapier community and we want YOU to enjoy it! The teams choose how they wish to fight, but you'll have to defend your title and the Iron Crescent!

The Rules

1) Teams are between three to five authorized fighters. More than 50% of each team must be comprised of Caid authorized fighters. Team sizes do not have to match on the field.

2) The current holders are required to be available to defend the Crescent at least once every six weeks, unless there are no events available in that timeframe (i.e. December.) If current holders are unable to be available for challenges within the six week span, the Crescent reverts back to the Order of the White Scarf of Caid who will arrange for it to be fought for at an upcoming event. The winning team of that day is the new holder.

3) In order to defend, a majority of the original team must fight (two if the team was three man, three if a four-five man team). Recruiting of replacements is allowed, but the new team cannot be larger than the original team (i.e. if a three man team wins and one person cannot be at the next defense, they can recruit one replacement only. If it is a five man team, and two do not show, they can recruit up to two more people). A team may go on the field with less than the original team, but a minimum of three fighters are required to be a "team".

4) If a team loses enough people and cannot recruit to get back to three fighters, then it is treated as if they were unable to defend and the Crescent is returned to the Order who will arrange for a new challenge where all can vie for possession. The remaining members may now recruit others and form a new team.

5) Weapon style will be Heavy Rapier and any standard secondary.

6) Each team in a challenge match (both the defenders and the challengers) is responsible for providing a marshal for the bout.

7) When defending, the current holders will be available to fight a minimum of three challengers. If more than three challenger teams approach, it is up to holders to decide how many they wish to face. Challenges will be on first come, first fight basis.

8) The format for the challenges is up to the teams. There are several options: the holders can fight all the challengers one after another, the challengers may fight each other and then the top team(s) take(s) on the holders or any other format that can be agreed upon. It is requested that all teams be reasonable in this discussion.

So get ready, Altavia Anniversary shall have the first Iron Crescent challenge!

The White Scarves of Caid

Current Holders

Dragoons Black. Team captain was Ceallach mac Uilliam with Cassandre Loustaunau, Nikolaos Phaistios, Joaquin of Lyondemere and Sadhbh inghean Duinn.

  • Won at At Dun Or Anniversary 2022.

Previous Holders

Third Auxiliary Dragoons consisting of Nathaniel Longbow, Ian Duncanson, Cassandre Loustaunau and Joaquin of Lyondemere.

  • Won at Queen’s Champion Spring 2022]].
  • They could not defend at Dun Or Anniversary 2022.

Horsemen of Judgment Keep

  • Won at Calafia Anniversary 2021.
  • They defended it several times before relinquishing it.

The Iron Crescent staff itself was mislaid in 2015 and found again in 2021.

Third Auxiliary Dragoons, Nathaniel Longbow, Luca Serafini da Firenze, Róis ni Brian, Nikolaos Phaistios, Mealla Caimbeul

Sea Beggars at Potrero War 2014

Don Colwyn Stagghorn, Nathaniel Longbow, Einarr blóðøx and two other fighters

  1. Successful defense at Caid Rapier Open 2010, 9/25/2010

Dylan Kairdiff, Jamie Muir, Jerick, and 1? other fighter

  1. Lost at Darach Pirate Tournament 2010 (7/31/2010)

Don Colwyn Stagghorn, Nathaniel Longbow, Einarr blóðøx and Wolferam Zenthffeer

  • Won at War Practice in Dun Or (01/31/10)
  • Defenses: Four
  1. At Calafia/Gyldenholt Friendship Tournament 2010, 3/13/2010. Successful defence versus two teams of five, "Four Hot Chicks and a Guy in a Dress" and "The Offenders". The Hot Chicks won the right to challenge, but lost the challenge one to two. Lachlan of Cromarty fought in substitution for Wolferam.
  2. At Heatherwyne Anniversary 2010, 5/8/2010, successful defence versus one team. Lachlan of Cromarty fought in substitution for Wolferam.
  3. At Gyldenholt Anniversary 2010, 6/12/2010, successful defence versus three teams. Lachlan of Cromarty fought in substitution for Wolferam. All combattants fought with dagger and buckler.
  4. Lost at Lyondemere Anniversary 2010. Cassandre Loustaunau fought in substitution for Wolferam.

Don Alexander Kallidokos, Don Ian Duncanson, Don Andrés Miguel Rodriguez de la Rosa, Askil(?) and Garrick Thomas Atwell

  1. Lost at War Practice in Dun Or (01/31/10). Andrés and Ian did not fight, Don Laertes McBride substituted in their place.

Don Colwyn Stagghorn, Don Laertes McBride, Cassandre Loustaunau and Garrick Thomas Atwell

Don Lot Ramirez, Erasmus MacBain, Tristan der English, Jaime Muir and Dylan Kairdiff

  1. Lost at Angels Anniversary 2009 (09/12/09). Tristan did not fight.

Avenel Kellough, Konrad Faustus Tyndel, Michael Mallory, Speranza Ravenna, and Willen Cræk

  1. At Gyldenholt Anniversary 2009 (6/13/2009), successful defence versus White Star and Third Auxiliary Dragoons. Rhianna McCormack fought in substitution for Speranza.
  2. Lost at Lyondemere Anniversary and Investiture 2009 (7/18/2009). Jens inn draumspaki fought in substitution for Willen.

Don Lot Ramirez, Basil Emerson of Canterbury, and Dylan Kairdiff

  1. Lost at Potrero War 2009 (5/23/2009)