Angels Anniversary 2009

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091209 HroarHuette.jpg
Master Hroar, Mistress Huette, Baron John ap Griffin, Baroness Flavia
Location: Recreation Park, 620 S. Shamrock, Monrovia, CA 91016
Date: 9/12/2009

From the Crown Prints

Come one & all to help the Barony of the Angels celebrate our 39th anniversary. With autumn almost upon us, we look to Ireland and Scotland where excitement builds for the coming Feast of St. Michael & All Angels. This celebration was so important to the Irish and Scots that the church granted dispensation if one had to steal a horse to attend -- but only on this day.

With this sprit in our hearts, we are dedicating the day's efforts to raising funds for Villa Esperanza Services, a local school providing education and residential facilities for 47 years to children and adults with special needs. Funds will also be donated to the upcoming Pink Ribbon Tournament (Susan G. Komen Foundation) on October 25 in Angels.

The Ladies of the Rose are providing baskets of various items to be raffled. There will also be a drawing at Closing Court for an incredible Oso Forge dagger, and for a piece of stained glass crafted by THL Lucia Zaffarana to benefit the Canton of the Canyons.

Their Excellencies John and Flavia look forward to greeting the new baronial champions in armored combat, rapier, and the Arts & Sciences. Once again, the Angels Baronial A&S competition for this year will be conducted in two tiers with the winner of both the People's Choice and Baronial A&S Champion selected by popular vote.

People's Choice A&S Competition: Entries represent from a pre-1600 A.D. historical period (includes Europe, the Middle East and Asia). No formal documentation is required but entries should not be a modern interpretation of something "sort of vaguely period." To be eligible as Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion, entrants must provide 1-3 pages of written documentation (in English) that includes identification of the item including country and time period; who would have made and/or used the item; and how it was made, including techniques that differ from period techniques (i.e., sewn on a machine vs. sewn by hand, etc.)

Edible and/or potable entries are not appropriate; however, herbal items that can be displayed (soap, lotion, potpourri, sachets, pomanders, etc.) are welcomed. All entries must be capable of being displayed. Please contact THL Catherine Aimeri de Winter in advance regarding if you have questions.

There will be fighter auctions, Best (Combat) Death, a "period" movie trivia contest, and Best Poem about Angels (winged or otherwise). The Fairy Toss Castle will be there.

The Annual Hester Spoon cooking competition theme is Apples. Include a recipe (no alcohol!), appropriate cooling units as required, and a cover (napkin, netting, etc.) to guard against insects.

Come with the spirit of the Irish and the Scots and help us celebrate!



  • The poetry competition, sponsored by Duchess Natalya de Foix was won by Baron Giles Hill, with two poems, one amusing and the second more serious:

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of a barony peopled by those we hold dear
Angels by name, and angelic by nature
Its coronets often are hidden like treasure!
Their heraldic colors are red and bright gold,
And many a valorous tale has been told.
And sometimes, alas, the sad bells are rung
For Angels, like Cronus, does eat its own young!
We’ve gathered to praise and remember the time
This Barony’s glory began to bright shine
Many years past is that auspicious day
And Angels is still a great place to play!
Their tournies and revels are well worth attending
Although afterwards your clothes may need mending
And always remember, where-ever you go,
This barony puts on a hell of a show!


When I survey Caid’s fair baronies
That form the fabric of this blessed realm
I pause to contemplate, amid the trees,
Fair Angels, lately sprung from Western helm.
Her people do not halt by day or night
The constant practice of th’ancestral arts
And daily strive, with all their might
To fill with gladsome joy their hearts.
Her children -- Shires and Baronies-- around
This gracious, warm Angelic hearth
Are mindful of their origin, and sound
The ringing praises of this noble garth.
Endure, fair Angels, and healthy long abide;
Your peoples’ love, and great Caid’s great pride!

A sonnet in the Elizabethan form (three quatrains and a couplet in iambic pentameter, rhyming a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g)

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