Gyldenholt Anniversary 2010

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Gyldenholt Ann 2010.jpg
Procession of Barons and Baronesses of Gyldenholt
Location: Gyldenholt
Mile Square Park
Fountain Valley, CA
Date: 6/12/2010



Their Majesties Conrad and Eleanor elevated Betsabea da Venezia to the Order of the Dolphin. Awards of Arms were given to Sydony le Pelerin, Marcus of Gyldenholt, Oaf Stiamnason, Michelle Flia Osgarus, James of Gyldenholt, and Thorkatla of Gyldenholt. The Order of the Acorn was increased by Hvitr of Hravn and Miles of Gyldenholt (daughter and son of James and Thorkatla). The Baron and Baroness of Gyldenholt, Ursul and Colette, gave the Forêt d’Or to Hunydd Wen, Finghin O'Lorcain, and Theo van der Zee. Three new awards were created for Gyldenholt, and given to Alys de Montcharmont (arts), Jamie Muir (fighting), and Alithia de Rouen (service). The new award names are (as of June 2010) in submission to the College of Heralds.

From the Crown Prints

Event Steward: Caterucia Bice da Ghiacceto

Greetings from the fair lands of Gyldenholt!

Please join our Barony on June 12th, 2010 as we celebrate Gyldenholt's 30th Anniversary. The day will be filled with fighting and games and the evening filled with great food. Their Excellencies, Ursul and Colette, will choose Their Champions for heavy weapons, rapier, archery, unarmored, and youth combat so the tourney field will be very busy! There will also be a competition to determine Their Excellencies' Arts and Sciences Champion so come prepared with your A&S entries. After a busy day on the tournament field, we will continue our celebration over a feast prepared by Master Guiseppe Francecso da Borgia.

The evening's feast will be at Murdy Community Center, located at 7000 Norma Dr, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Maps to Community Center will be provided at the tourney. Murdy Community Center is a wet site. Please contact Sidony of Gyldenholt ( to make feast reservations. Space will be limited!

Schedule of the day:

8 AM - tourney site opens
10 AM - opening court (or at TRM's pleasure)
5 PM - closing court (or at TRM's pleasure)
6 PM - feast site opens
11 PM - feast site closes


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Court Poetry

by Giles Hill

Opening Court:

This is the court of Conrad the king, with Queen Eleanor by his side.
They have you invited, and they are delighted To see you all here smiling wide.
Draw nigh and assemble, and peace! Do not tremble, for justice and mercy are here;
And sit you all down, hear the words of the Crown, that are laden with gladness and cheer

Hear now the tale of the Barons of Gyldenholt—just six in number are they.
For thirty years now they have guarded the grove; held their people safe in the fray.
Their word-fame resounds, to their glory redounds the success of this Barony’s fane
And secure is the hope of Gyldenholt’s folk, while these gentlemen burnish our fame.
The number begins with the noble Armand, first baron, first king of Caid;
That excellent knight was oft first in the fight, on his high-stepping grey Norman steed.
Hungarian Béla next held the land, with horse-head his surcoat was blazed;
His strong arm awoke all the fire of his folk, and we prospered beneath his kind gaze.
Morgan the woodworker, third of our Lords, was skilled with his hands and his blades.
He carved out support for his people and court, for the warrior and likewise the trades.
Dietrich von Vogelsang, minstrel and knight, regarded for words and for deeds,
Was fourth in the chair of Gyldenholt fair, and still sits in the shade of our trees.
Wulfric the bold, whose compass star shone, guiding us through turbulent times;
His steady hand and his constant command ensured fighting and fellowship fine.
Finally Ursul holds fief from the Crown, his arrows and sword swiftly fly.
We are safe in his hands, knowing steady he stands, and our homes and our lands shall abide.
Hear now of Diana, our first Baroness, she for music and service was known—
A friend and a teacher, and greatly we miss her, who graced us as she graced the throne.
Rosemary gentle a hearthfire did kindle, and made of this house a fine home;
While she’s moved to An Tir, her influence here is constant and steady and strong.
Gwendolyn fair sat the Barony’s chair with grace and with patience each day;
Her gentle hand smoothly guided our land, and compliments her we do pay.
A radiant Madonna was our Adrianna, and Gyldenholt’s welkin did ring
With the sound of her laughter, and now and hereafter, she causes our hearts to sing.
A bright Irish lady, Lasairfhiona quite ably did discharge her duties with joy…
Her cooking was splendid, with fire and wine blended, it filled but it never did cloy.
Colette now holds tenure and quickly did win her a place in our hearts and this tent—
Her posture will help us continue to prosper for trees grow as small twigs are bent!
Our Barony’s fortune has been our strong lords, and the ladies who have held these broad lands.
We have prospered and grown with the care they have shown, and now on their shoulders we stand.
Our liege ladies and lords with their spindles and swords have served us for ten years and a score,
So with us rejoice, and with heart and with voice, praise Gyldenholt, which we adore!

Closing Court:

We come to the close of this long, festive day,
Celebrating the years Gyldenholt has held sway.
And praised the competitors and also the winners--
And now it is time to go seek our dinners!
Let's all cheer for Ursul--he's big and he's hairy;
All Gyldenholt's foes should of him be wary!
Her stature is low, but her heart it is braw;
For Collette and Ursul, now hip, hip, huzzah!
Conrad and Eleanor here had their disport,
And their time with us is, alas, far too short.
Our monarchs are splendid, and so we do say,
With our hearts and our voices, hip, hip, hurray!
Caid is the kingdom that we love the best
We're west of the Atens, and south of the West.
Our shores are washed in the blue of the sea,
And no kingdom's people are happy as we.
For the Crown and our people, for our customs and law:
Hip, hip, Hurrah! Hip, hip, Hurrah! Hip, hip, Hurrah!

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