Alys de Montcharmont

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Lady Alys de Montcharmont from La Maison d'Armoise, Barony of Gylendholt, Kingdom of Caid.

A&S Interests

  • Beading
  • Brewing
  • Calligraphy
  • Cooking
  • Illumination
  • Needlepoint
  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Sewing
  • Scroll work
  • Soap making
  • Tablet weaving
  • And learning everything about everything

Offices and Positions

  • Gyldenholt Minister of Arts and Sciences (June 12, 2010-present)
  • Gyldenholt - Lady-In-Waiting for Baroness Collette de Montpellier (June 12, 2010-present)


  • Award of Arms - June 5, 2010
  • Gyldenholt - Special Recognition in Arts - June 12, 2010

A&S Competitions

  • 1st place, Side dish contest (Leeks and Almonds), Altavia Yule, 12/5/2009
  • Honorable Mention, Altavia Arts & Science Championship competition, Altavia Anniversary, 5/22/2010
  • 3rd place, House Corvus Decameron., Gyldenholt Anniversary Arts competition, 6/12/2010

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Award Recipient
Aliskye augmentation edited.jpg Augmentation of Arms Aliskye Rosel
Coronation Summer 2010 122.JPG Crescent Sword Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha

Combat Forms

  • Thrown Weapons

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