Inn of the Crimson Spade

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Founded: 2005
Status: Inactive
(Fieldless) A card pique gules

The Inn of the Crimson SpadeRRE was a household dedicated to providing hospitality for all the populace of Caid. It was founded by Elisheva bat Yisrael, Raphael ben Gideon, and Diego Antonio de Palma.

Employees and Residents


  • Elisheva bat Yisrael - Innkeeper - Primary duties included kitchen set-up and meal plans at wars and general hospitality.
  • Raphael ben Gideon ♠ - Weapons-master - Primary duties included monitoring and encouraging household fighters and keeping the peace during rowdy Inn events.
  • Diego Antonio de Palma ♣ - Master of Ceremonies - Primary duties included speaking at events and making announcements as well as tending bar at war.


  • Gideon ben Levi - Stage Manager - Primary duties included managing performances at the Inn.
  • Annabella bat Gideon ♣ - Head Wench - Primary duties included serving drinks and acting as primary bar-back and stand-in bartender.
  • Tristan der Englisch - Stable Hand - Primary duties included new member logistics and general support.
  • Nicoletta Aurelia - Chef - Primary duties included cooking support and auxiliary meal planning and implementation.
  • Sviatoslava "Svetlana" Akilina Vasil'evskaia zhena Nikolaeva ♣ - Wench - Primary duties included serving drinks and monitoring patrons.
  • Cesare Francioso ♠ - Guardsman - Primary duties included general support.




The Inn of the Crimson Spade was founded in 1520, and located near the dockside in the city of Cadiz in Spain. Originally opened as a means to establish it's proprietors in the business community rather than spend their hours causally at the estate of Natalya de Foix. The Inn was built in 1520 with resources granted by Jean-Christophe Messier, Natalya's husband, in the city of Cadiz, Spain. Raphael had established contact with a merchant captain who's estate lay nearby, Lot Ramirez and The Goode Ship White Star, and were happy to establish a quick friendship between their businesses. The Inn was established at the permission of the local baron, but foolishly agreed to a %50 taxation on all profits after a failed negotiation with Master Blackrune the baron's barrister. After the first year, despite increasing popularity and booming local trade, the Inn reported severe losses in their ledger. With the help of Master Blackrune, whom they had since employed, they were able to claim negative profits and thus present the baron with a rather large bill. Needless to say they were granted further use of the land without taxation in perpetuity.

Shortly after the Inn opened Elisheva's mother died. As her final request she ask that Elisheva seek out her father, a secret jew who was taken away by the inquisition when she was young, whom her mother believed to still be alive. As a means to that end Elisheva established the inn as a safe house for Jews in Cadiz "in case" her father was alive and might arrive there.


The Inn of the Crimson Spade was founded in Lyondemere in A.S. XL, with the permission of Baron Jamal of Lyondemere.

The Spade opened for the first time at Great Western War VIII, and quickly became a mecca for any and all who wanted to share a drink, play a game, or sing a song around the fire in an ambiance of period persona play. They often hosted gaming tournaments at day events, and provided shade, warmth, and welcome under their roof to anyone passing by.

The Inn served the Caidan Populace for eight years before closing their doors for the last time on Saturday night of GWW XV. The closing evening was a riotous celebration which was attended by several dozens of patrons, and included ceili dancing in the streets to live music, as well as bardic performances and all of the Inn's standard offerings of copious drink and incomparable company.

The Inn held its last event, an "Estate Sale" and Party, on December 26, 2012.

Party Court

The Spade recognized the vast numbers of people who went out of their way to support the tremendous undertaking of operating an Inn, and acknowledged these efforts by inducting contributors into various 'Disorders', including:

  • The Disorder of the Crafty Bugger - for those individuals or groups who contributed items or art to the inn.
  • The Disorder of the Drunken Sot - for those individuals whose contributions in the field of carousing reached notable and epic proportions.
  • The Disorder of the Gamey Rook - for those who excelled in the arts of gaming and baubling under the Inn's roof.
  • The Legion of the Heavy Tipper - for those whose monetary contributions helped the Inn keep its doors open and the drink flowing. And they should be legion, or without finite number.
  • The Recognition of Awesomeness - for those Households and Individuals whose contributions to the Inn were categorically Awesome.

Bardic References

The Inn will be well-remembered in the oral history of Caid. Notable references to the Crimson Spade are included in:

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