Great Western War 2004

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Dreiburgen Camp at
Location: Dreiburgen
Prado Regional Park in Chino
Date: 10/06 – 11/2004

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From the Crown Prints

Great Western War VIII

October 6 – 11, 2004

There I was... Part 1...

So, there I was, fighting in the castle battle, when I found myself standing next to this guy ... this knight ... I think it was the King of the West. Then he said, "Let's take this castle!" and the two of us charged the gate all by ourselves. We blasted right through five guys ... a whole unit ... probably the entire Drafn shield wall, and we made it all the way to the rear of the enemy army. But there was this duke commanding the reserve ... he was eight feet tall ... he weighed 900 pounds ... I'm sure he was fighting with a telephone pole covered in duct tape. He hit me so hard he knocked me down ... over the hay bales ... into the merchant's area a half-mile away! ...”

There I was… Part 2...

So, I dusted myself off when a herald came by and announced they needed help in the A&S area. She said they needed someone to teach a class on leather working… medieval costumes… the development of fashion throughout the history of Western Europe. So, I ran back to camp to get my notes… a few books… my original medieval artwork that I just bought on eBay, when I heard the terrible news that the war might be cancelled… the SCA was going bankrupt… the planet earth was going to crash into the sun, and I knew I had to fix the problem!...

To be continued… Part 3 to appear in the war gate book.


Great Western War VIII Photos by Esmeralda of the Lakes

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