Gyldenholt Anniversary 2015

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Gyldenholt Ann 2015.png
Opening Court of Giles and Giuseppe and Athanaric and Sigriðr
Location: Cedar Grove Park,
Tustin, CA
Date: 6/27/2015

Gyldenholt Anniversary Tournament was held in a new, secluded park in Tustin, CA.

Event Staff


Oliver Dogberry placed on vigil to join the Order of Defense by Athanaric and Sigriðr

From the Crown Prints

The theme of the day is the silk road. The time, is the 14th century. The Byzantine Empire still controls Constantinople and the gates to far east. The Yuan Dynasty controls the road in the east, but there is a growing Muslim influence in between. During this period Europeans saw a great influx of not only goods like silk and spices, but cultural, scientific, and artistic ideas as well.

So put on your best silk road themed attire and join Gyldenholt in celebrating its anniversary with a day exploring the exchanges that took place during the silk road. The day’s activities include the search for Gyldenholt’s newest champions in: Armored, Rapier, Unarmored, and Youth Combat, as well as Thrown Weapons, and Arts & Sciences.

The Arts & Sciences championship competition requires entries to match the theme of the day and include documentation. Additionally there will be a peoples’ choice competition that is open to any form of entries and does not require documentation.

There will also be a populace game for the day based around the theme of trading goods.

There will be a multiple course feast at the end of the day. Reservations are $10/ea.

Note: Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leashes at all times. All trash must be removed from the site.


From Lachlan of Cromarty

The weather was a bit unusual -- humid with a sprinkle during opening court (Their Magesties, being from Starkhafn, "marveled" at water falling from the sky)


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