Great Western War 2013

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Great Western War - XVI
Location: Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, Taft, CA
Date: 10/8/2013-10/14/2013
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Event Staff

Event Stewards: Master Conchobhar Mac Cionaoith, Baron Christian de Guerre, and Countess Eilidh na Tire Dharigh



From the Crown Prints

Great Western War (GWW) is the major camping event in the Kingdom of Caid, SCA for Southern CA, Vegas NV, and Hawaii. The 16th GWW will to be held Oct 9-14, 2013. The event is held at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, 13601 Ironbark Rd, Taft, CA 93268. It is an easy drive over the hill (north of Los Angeles, over the grapevine I-5) to a lovely park where we have a large lakeside area all to ourselves.

“War Through the Ages”

Rather than focus down on one specific time period, we have decided to highlight four major periods in European history.

Some of our members have a vast knowledge of the Roman period, while others have spent years working on their landsknecht persona. By having themed days this allows us to celebrate virtually everyone's personas, and time periods through the course of the war. Cross Persona dressing is encouraged!

All attendees are encouraged to embrace each daily themes. The stewards for the war will be looking for those individuals that have embraced the day, and will be awarding them with tokens of appreciation.

The daily themes begin on Thursday and continue through Sunday.

Thursday (Jupiter)

  • Classical Antiquity
  • Ancient Greece
  • Rise and decline of the Roman Empire

Friday (Freya)

  • Dark Ages to End of the Viking era

Saturday (Sonnabend or dies Saturni)

  • The era of Plate armor, the armored horse, and the longbow
  • First Crusade to the War of the Roses 1488

Sunday (dies Dominica)

  • Renaissance 1488 to 1650



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