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Founded: 1998
Status: Inactive
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The White Star is a Nautical Themed household in Caid that represents a merchanteer ship and its associations. The household is divided into two parts The Ship and The Villa.

Our Villa, residing in Cadiz, Spain serves as the port for the Good Ship White Star and a refuge for those seeking a life of leisure and art. The 'official' time line of the household sets us in the early 1500's, where we stand as defenders against persecution and an 'underground railroad' to help those who suffer under the yoke of the Spanish Inquisition.

The household is comprised of individuals who thrive on persona-play and enjoy The Game of the SCA as well as each others company and the activities which we do.

The White Star was formed in 1998, in (the, then Principality of) Northshield, when Dianora Lizavetta di Vittori di Cellini granted Lot Ramirez the rank of Captain and the White Star as an advance on the dowry of her ward, Caterina di Cellini. The household of the White Star maintains its connections as a part of the di Cellini households, which span more than 3 kingdoms.

In A.S. 53 (2018), after 20 years of service, Captain Lot decided to put the White Star in dock for the foreseeable future. The crew was released to pursue their own ventures. You can see their endeavors in such groups as The Sable Hart, The Barghest and beyond.

The Ship

The Crew of The Good Ship White Star



Able Sailors

Powder Monkeys


Bilge Rats

  • Nathaniel Archer
  • Beniamino di Cellini, known as Bucket
  • Abramo di Cellini
  • Francesca Archer
  • Sh'muel Muir
  • Anna Wolfsborne
  • James the Bolde

The Villa

The Ladies and Artisans who reside in the Villa

Senora de la Casa

Ladies in Residence

Resident Artisans

White Star Marines

White Star Marines is a rapier warband associated with the household which also includes non-household members.

At Estrella 2009, White Star Marines were awarded the Crossed Swords of Caid.

All crewmen are automatically entered in the rolls of the White Star Marines, if they so choose, and are assigned a rank according to their position on the crew. Any non-crew who signs on full time to fight with the unit is accounted the rank of Marine, and may be promoted to a command position of Segreant-Marine. Other Recruits may be pressed into service on a temporary basis.

The following is the rank and roll of the White Star Marines:

  • Captain
  • Officers
  • Able Sailors
  • Powder Monkeys
  • Pressed Recruits


More Information

The Songs

Group Collaborations

By Don Mateo Montero De Madrid of Northshield

By Don Lot Ramirez

By Lady Magdalene van den Velde

By Lord Arye ben Ezra

By Dame Eilidh Swann

By Señora Elizaveta Arievna Lebedeva