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The game known as 'Blood of Heroes', as played in Caid, is a Rapier adaptation of an Armored Combat game played in the Kingdom of Calontir. The game is originally based on a movie of the same name staring Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen about a post-apocalyptic society for which the primary entertainment is provided by wandering teams of juggers playing a bushkahi-like game, which is nowhere named in the movie. Though, this is admittedly a non-period source, the game adapts easily to our melee combat and is extremely fun. As well, games not unlike Blood of Heroes existed throughout the SCA period, so feel free to think of it in that context if you so choose.


Played in 5 man teams, the object in Blood of Heroes is to get the 'dog skull' onto the opposing teams stake. Fighters on a team, often referred to as juggers, each play a specific position which determines their weapons combination:

  • Qwik - Dagger only - the Qwik is the only jugger able to touch the dog skull
  • Slash - Sword and Dagger
  • Drive and Backdrive - Sword and Baton
  • Chain - Sword and Cloak

Teams may also have up to two alternates that may replace fighters in between points.

The tourney is a king of the hill/"winner-stays-on" format, and each game is played best two out of three 'points'. The team with the most games won at the end of the tourney is the winner

The Rules

For the official game rules see here.

The League and Dogtowns

The League

The official 'League' game is played yearly at Great Western War and the previous year's winners are responsible for running the tourney. The winner of the League game is the League (the best team) for the next year and may not fight as the League in any Dogtown tourneys during that time.


Any regular games in Caid played outside of the League game, are considered Dogtowns. Dogtowns are encouraged have their own prize skull, for the winner of their lists. Dogtowns are great competitive fun, as well as good training for the League game.

Current Dogtowns and their holders:

  • Calafia (played at May Potrero War) - Captain Awesome and the Rumrunners
  • Isles (played -off and on- at King's Hunt) - Team Clever Name


The League may not issues challenges during their tenure as the League.

Non-League teams may issue individual challenges to any team in possession of either the League or a Dogtown skull. Format, location, and time are at the discretion of the teams involved in the challenge, but should be played at an official SCA event or Practice according to the Rules above.

Should the defenders lose the challenge, the skull and title shall pass immediately to the challengers. If a team is challenging a team in possession of multiple skulls, it must be determined ahead of time which skull they are actually being challenged for.


Pics from BoH