The Sable Hart

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Founded: 2015
Status: active
(Fieldless) a Stag Courant sable

The Sable Hart is a hospitality venture that combines various groups under one sign to allow for support and ease of the patrons and is dedicated to providing hospitality for the populace of Caid.

Establishments and Partners


The following people are in charge of maintaining the infrastructure of the Sable Hart as well as inter-establishment logistics.


These are the various establishments that have set up at the sign of the Sable Hart.

  • Donna Mora's Salon - Join others in games, company, companionship, and Philosophy.
  • Saladin's Hammer - Take part in frank discussion over a cup of Turkish Coffee.
  • The Beggar's Inn - A Variety of entertainments can be found here form time to time, from Sake tastings, to the infamous 'Smuggler'
  • The Brass Lamp - Be sure to prepurchase your tickets to this very exclusive period foods restaurant.
  • Carampane di Cabrielli - Come sit and have your portrait done in chalk or conte on toned paper.


The Sable Hart was founded in Caid in A.S. L.

The Hart opened for the first time at Great Western War XVIII