First Crown Tournament 1978

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Martin and Neptha holding court.jpg
Martin and Neptha holding court as last Prince and Princess of Caid. From left to right: Cameron of Caladoon, Alison von Markheim, Nikolaj Zrogowacialy, Conrad von Regensburg, Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst, Gabrielle nicChlurain, Neptha of Thebes, Martin the Temperate.
Location: Dreiburgen
Glen Helen Park, San Bernardino, CA
Date: 04/22/1978-04/23/1978

Armand de Sevigny, fighting for Diana de Savigny was victorious in the lists, and pronounced Crown Prince and Princess of Caid.

Event Staff

Autocrat: Alison von Markheim

From the Crown Prints

Caid Crown Tourney

The First CAID CROWN TOURNEY will be held at Glen Helen Regional Park in the Barony of Dreiburgen on April 22-23 A.S. XII (1978)


The Park will be open at 5:00pm Friday 4/21. The tourney will be held at the Boy Scout Campsite, NOT the area we usually hold tournies at.


If you come in Friday night between 5 and 11 to camp, you will pay 50 cents per person per night AND YOU WILL SIGN THE WAIVER AT THE GATE; If you come in Saturday morning between 7 and 9am you will enter through a second gate that will be managed by SCA folke. You will pay either $1.00 per car if you ONLY stay during the day OR you will pay 50 cents per person if you are camping. If you enter the park AFTER 9am, you will pay either the $1.00 at the ranger station or, if you are camping that night (Saturday) you will tell the ranger you are with the SCA and that you will be camping. They will let you drive to the site where the constables will extort your 50 cents per person for camping.


  • 1. Baroness Jessica’s Counted Thread Contest:
  • 2. Baroness Bjo’s Design-A-Crown Contest:

Because designing a Crown for Caid is too important to trust to one contest, this will run at several events to gather as manh fine designs as possible for consideration. Designers may send in ideas if they cannot attend events (entries are not limited to Caidan submissions – we encourage everyone who reads the Crown Prints to submit a design if they like.)

Therefore, the Crown Tourney will see the FIRST of several contests for a Caid Crown design. Entries will be judged at each event and top designs will be given recognition and prizes and will be printed in the Crown Prints. Each contest will have its own prizes. When a collection of top designs has been gathered, a Grand Prize winner will be selected. If that design is suitable, the crowns for Caid will be from it. Prizes for the contest will be: First—choice gem or trim (of equal value); other prizes will be given if enough entries Warrant extra recognition.

Designs should be drawn; if you can not draw, have a friend do it for you and please credit the artist. Different designs for King and Queen may be submitted. Designer may sub as many designs as desired, as many times as you have designs. Mailed in designs will be judged at the event nearest the time they are rec’d. Designers should take into account the sceptors already presented to the throne of Caid by Denis Seodoir. Designs should incorporate some or all of the symbols for King (laurel wreath) or Queen (roses) and/or Caidan symbols: crescents and crenellation.

Main Dish Pies AND Medieval Puddings such as Bread Pudding, Rice Pudding, Plummy Pudding, or even Figgy Puidding. Extra points for authenticity, such as source of recipe and presentation.

  • 4. Authentic Tourney Site (outward Medieval Appearance of the pavilion):

Sponsored and Judged by Baroness Alison von Markheim and Mistress Fiona Gregorovna. All Pavilions are fair game for the judges. Extra points will be given for such as coolers covered, beverages NOT in aluminium cans, all plastic hidden or covered, etc. An appropriate prize will be given.

  • 5. Illumination Contest:

Sponsored by Lady Mary Taran, Duchess Creachainn. Paper should be 18”x12” or 15”x20”. Illuminated capital and a border; allowable capitals: B, K, W, I, L. Extra points points for internal integrity of design (keeping your design in one period or style). Must have 1” margin for framing and room for a 6” wide shield. Prizes: 1 full sheet of Italian parchment.

  • 6. Heraldry Contest:

Sponsered by Master Conrad von Regensburg. Something different this time - design a Great Seal of Caid (2 ½” diameter). Prizes to be announced. Entries must be drawn and may be submitted from non-Caidans.

  • 7. House Dunmore On-going Coloring Contest:

There will be a category for adults and one for children Details will be announced at the site.

Recognition of Excellence:

  • 1. Castle Design: Sponsored by Leonora Dragonsrum. (This one was held over from 12th night to allow more entries.)
  • 2. Royal Pavilion Design: to include references and material, costs estimates.
  • 3. Throne Design: to allow for wood as material, also must be collapsible. Include cost estimates.
  • 4. Footgear: suitable for field, road or city street; complementary to one’s outfit.
  • 5. ”Trivia” of the Age: lore which would be common knowledge to people of any social stratum, from 13th to 16th C.
  • 6. Weather Forecasting: by any method contemporary to the studied age.
  • 7. Astronomy

For further information on the Recognitions categories, contact Lady Guinevere Elspeth Malyn, Mistress of Sciences for Caid.

There will be impromptu Recognition categories, as well as on-the-spot poetry contests and other surprises.

There will be shooting of the Royal Round on Sunday morning and a Boar Hunt on Sunday afternoon. Contact Lord Robear du Bois


10:30am – Grand March will commence PROMPTLY
followed immediately by Opening Court
followed immediately by sing-up for Lists
followed by Crown Lists.

It will be a very busy day and attendee are encouraged to get there ahead of time in order to get everything done.


There were 26 combatants. In the finals, Sir Armand de Sevigny defeated Viscount Sir Morven of Carrick fighting for Countess Amina Sherana de Talavera to claim the Crown for his lady, Diana de Savigny. Their Western Majesties, Terrence of Halliday and Allissandra Olympia Martiessa, were present, along with Their Royal Highnesses of the West, Gregory of York and Bevin Fraser of Stirling.

Louise of Woodsholme and Alewaulfe the Red were admitted to the Order of the Laurel.



  • Please feel free to add your memories of this event.

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