Fall Coronet Tournament 1977

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Martin and Neptha Coronet
On Martin's right is Hugh the Undecided, on Neptha's left is Charles of Dublin, and behind Charles is Morven of Carrick.
Location: Isles
El Capitan Park
Date: 09/17/1977-09/18/1977

Fall Coronet Tournament was held in Isles and was attended by King Paul and Queen Carol of the West. Martin the Temperate, fighting for Neptha of Thebes, was victorious. The three-way final round included Gregory of York and Armand de Sevigny.



From the History (by Wilhelm): Held in El Capitan Park, between Santa Barbara and Gaviota, CA. Renfield of the Inland March (Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe) was the autocrat. Prince Balin and Princess Lorissa held court. King Paul and Queen Carol attended. Prince Balin gave Awards of Arms to Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux, Lorenzo di Santangelo, and Thin Robert of Lawrence. King Paul then gave an Award of Arms to Jeosigh MacCruimmon. Princess Lorissa called forward all members of the Order of the Dolphin to present to them the new medallions of the Order, which had been painted by Viscountess Bevin Fraser of Sterling. She then admitted Lady Mary Taran of Glastonbury to the Order of the Dolphin. Prince Balin appointed Ionnes Leckie as his personal Master of Ceremonies. Court adjourned for fighters to register with the Office of the Lists. Court reconvened with the knighting of Charles of Dublin by King Paul. Court then adjourned and the matches for the Coronet Lists were picked. It was fought in double elimination. Interspersed among the rounds of fighting were a number of melees and challenges. In the finals ViscountMartin the Temperate emerged victorious. Neptha of Thebes was his lady. In the evening Robear du Bois organized a Ninja war, with the winning team “Number 1" consisting of Mary of Uffington, Tamsin of the Raven Tresses, Sir Loren sur la Roche, Sir William the Lucky, and Queen Carol of Bellatrix. The next day there were several challenges and an auction for the Publication Fund, which netted $192.50. Duke Paul of Bellatrix won the Prize List left over from the Publication Fund Tourney, winning an Alicia Austin mirror for himself and a pair of Darachshire steins for his sponsor, Tim Coyle. ~ © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)

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