Equestrian Training Seminar 1988

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Location: Gallavally
Spring Creek Training Center in Winchester
Date: 11/13/1988

Event Staff

Autocrat – Damales Redbeard

From the Crown Prints

Equestrian Training Seminar

On Sunday the 13th of November 1988 The Academy of Equestrian Arts will present a teaching seminar hosted by Damales Redbeard at his training stable in the Barony of Dreiburgen.

Instruction in basic horsemanship and mounted games (Ring Tilting, Saracen’s Heads, Quintain) will be offered, along with discussion of such related subjects as grooming and tack.

Set-up begins at 9:00 a.m., with opening court scheduled for 10:00. Classes and practice will commence thereafter; please be on time, as the daylight grows short this time of year.

This event is entirely dependant upon privately owned horses. No rentals will be available. We hope that those of you who have so graciously supported the Academy’s events in the past by bringing out your mounts and sharing rides will do so again in the interest of furthering the populace’s understanding of the equestrian arts. As always, your support is greatly appreciated; the Academy could not have prospered half so well this past year with out you!

Even if you do not own a horse, please come. There will be horses available for your use. This seminar is for everyone; no pervious riding experience is necessary. Wear costumes that will be comfortable for riding. A $2.00 site fee will be charged, proceeds to go to the Academy newsletter, the Beau Cheval. Overnight stabling available for $10.00 per night: those stabling horses may arrive mid-day on Saturday for a trail ride if they wish.


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  • I have some very fond memories of this event. This was my first teaching event. I started at 8.00 am and taught until 5:00 pm without a break. 20 minute lessons math says that is 36 persons. I was feed in the arena and even the advance riders worked up a sweat in the 20. minutes. This event was so successful that I ran another event the following year. The turn out for that one was so great that I recruited my wife (then girlfriend) Countess Ascelyn Schirleah to teach the more novices. Some had never sat on a horse. written by my hand 6-25-2009 Damales


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