Dreiburgen Summer Event 1988

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
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Location: Jurupa Equestrian Park
Date: 07/16-17/1988

Dreiburgen Viking-Celtic Games

Event Staff


Royal Presence

Their Majesties Brion and Alysandra

From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Games

The Barony of Dreiburgen invites you to join us in a Weekend of games and competitions July 16 – 17, 1988 at the Jurupa Equestrian Park, 5370 Riverview Drive in Riverside .

On Saturday there will be a double elimination Shinai List. There will also be team competitions (designed for 4-person teams, including one horseman). Teams may be formed prior to the event, or at the site Saturday morning.

The Contest Include

Athletic Games Equestrian Games Board Games
Caber Toss Tilting at Rings Chess
Spear Throw Quintaine Backgammon
Axe Throw Saracen Heads Cathedral
Tug-of-War Go

Note. There are pens for horses.

A silent auction and a bake sale will be held to help raise money for a new Baronial Pavilion. All donations for either are gladly accepted.


  • 8:00 Set up
  • 9:00 Shinai/Games Lists Opens
  • 10:00 Opening Court
  • 11:00 Games/Shinai Begins
  • 5:00 Closing Court
  • 6:00 Potluck/Revel

Camping is available, and there will be a potluck supper and revel following closing court. There is also a bardic circle in the evening.

If you are participating in the potluck, please bring dishes according to the first letter of your mundane last name.

  • A-F Fruit/Veggies
  • G-M Main Dishes
  • N-S Breads
  • T-Z Desserts

Site fee is $2.00 for the day, or $4.00 for camping overnight.


Shinai List

13 fighters entered the list, 1 withdrew due and smog.

Equestrian Games

Reported in the Dreiburgen News by Mornay of Anglesey
We had a gratifying large turnout of horses and riders at the recent Dreiburgen Games. Here is a listing of the first four placings in each equestrian event:

Open Horsemanship

  • 1st Aladric
  • 2nd Elaine & Moria (Tie)
  • 3rd Marc
  • 4th Jehanne

Novice Horsemanship

Ring Spearing

  • 1st Aladric
  • 2nd Robert
  • 3rd Marc
  • 4th Celeste

Saracen Heads

  • 1st Marc
  • 2nd Branden
  • 3rd Donwenna
  • 4th Aladric

Cup Race

  • 1st Marc
  • 2nd Robert
  • 3rd Dawn
  • 4th Branden

Awards given


  • Leave your memories here.

From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

House Montrose was asked if we could run some of the equestrian contests. Drusilla being a A.H.A. show judge and a former 4H leader decided that it was time for Caid Equestrians to test their skill at horsemanship rather than their prowess at marshal activities. She put together and ran a standard Trail Class, which is an obstacle course were the rider must complete a number of tasks at specified gaits.

Mornay & Drusilla trucked over all the polls, Barrels, Jump Standards and other accessories needed for the trail class wail Aladric, Myself and others of TheDreiburgen Light Horse rode the five miles from at House Montrose in Pedley (the current home of the Dreiburgen Archery range) to the Jurupa Equestrian Park in Rubidoux.

Damales Redbeard loves to recount the how he ran the corse. The bridge was the first obstacle of the test and he knew that his horse not being trained for this type of competition would not want to step on to the plywood. Damales then asked Mornay if he could jump it. My father knowing that Damales was an experienced horseman but not aware that he was a Three Day Event Rider said “Sure if you think you can.”

In Damales own words "The bridge was the first obstacle of the test. Then past the fur on the fence into the key hole, pick up the goblet around the barrel and out of the key hole then I don’t remember the rest of the corse. I remember the two obstacles because I had one stride from a standstill, to the bridge then only 2 strides to stop for the cup. The bridge was long and it had to be planed and still have the control to get around the barrel."

He crossed the finished line and looked back at Mornay’s wide eyed open mouthed expression. My father was definitely not expecting a rider of that caliber at an SCA event.

From Damales Redbeard

I believe Mornay’s statement was "sure you can jump it. But if you land on it you are disqualified "


Add photos if we have them

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