Dreiburgen Summer Event 1989

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Location: Butterfield Park in Corona
Date: 07/08/1989

Dreiburgen Games

Event Staff

Autocrat Karl Tynken

From the Crown Prints


July 8th, A.S. XXIV (1989) Butterfield Park, Corona

Teams of four members, with a minimum of one Lord and one Lady per team. Pre-registration of your team will speed-up signing-on at the list table. Points will be awarded on team’s finish in each event. Individual medallions for first place finish will be awarded in all events except the Tug-o-war... No food items may be sold at Butterfield Park. All other merchants are welcome to attend. Merchant fees are $5.00. Also, to sell at this site, you must bring and display your resale permit.

Lists of Events

Board Games Combat Athletic Games
Backgammon Heavy Weapons List Caber Toss Chess
Cathedral Light Weapons List Lords/Ladys Spear Toss
9 Man Morris Lords/Ladys Boffer Lists Lords Axe Throw
Shogi Ladys Pin Throw

For other Information or pre-registration Contact (BAD-O-cRAT) Karl Tynken


Heavy Weapons List (There were 11 Fighters)

Awards given


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