Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2021 (Virtual)

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Location: Location
Date: 7/172021

Event Staff

Co-stewards: Rekon of Saaremaa and Megan de Barri


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From the Crown Prints

From the Dreiburgen News

From Event Facebook Page

Celebrate the impending renaissance (it's about time!) with us at Dreiburgen Summer Arts! This online event will be held July 17, 2021 from 9:00a to 3:00p. Opening court will be from 9-10 am. Morning Court will be recorded. By attending you agree to have your likeness recorded and posted to Social Media. As a reminder you can have your video turned off and your name changed for privacy.

Classes, competitions, and social activities will last from 10-2. Closing court and announcement of the day's winners tentatively beginning at 2 pm.

Competitions of the day:

  • People's Choice Arts and Sciences: 1 entry
  • Dreiburgen Arts and Sciences Championship: 3 entries

Entries for both contests must have been completed since 1/1/2020; documentation (even minimal) is highly recommended. Turn in all entries digitally by 7/9/2021 to the event steward email below. Bardic entries are to be prerecorded; performances must have been designed/learned since 1/1/2020. Turn in all entries digitally by 7/9/21 to the event steward email below, bardic entries may also be submitted to the event page or to the website.

Watch the event page for more information, as well as upcoming how-to workshops on photographing arts entries, recording performances, and more!

From: Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter The following awards were given by Their Excellencies Logan and Tyne at today's virtual Dreiburgen Summer Arts:

Illuminated Tower of Dreiburgen (art)

Towers of Dreiburgen (Service

Augmentation to the Towers of Dreiburgen

Congratulations to all of these deserving gentles! Huzzah!


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