Dreiburgen Anniversary 1992

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Master Damales was elevated to the Order of the Laurel
Location: Desert March
Cabazon Community Park
Date: 10/31/1992

Dreiburgen Anniversary


Event Staff

Royal Presence


Dreiburgen Anniversary was held at Cabazon Community Park on the 31 of October. There were approximately 200 people in attendance bringing 18 pavilions encircling the eric. A heavy weapons double elimination list 41 fighters and a light weapons lists of 7 fighters.

From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Anniversary – October 31, 1992

Hail and welcome to all of Caid! On this All Hallow’s Eve, comes an occasion to test your mettle and have a festive time!. The occasion being Dreiburgen Anniversary, held in the canton of Desert March. For those inclined to the sword, We will have a heavy and light weapons, double-elimination, prize tourney to choose the Baronial Champions. Also for fighters and non-fighters alike, we will be holding various games and contest to test your prowess: spear throwing, rock tossing, ax throwing, balancing tug-o-war, mask making, pumpkin carving and anything else we can come up with! And for children we have something to make the day a definite treat and not a trick. Finally there will be a fabulous feast, the price for which will be only 300 pence ($3.00) per person. Please Call the Feastocrat for reservations as seating is limited.
The site: Cabazon Community Park
The time: 8:30 setup, feast begins at dusk, hall closes at 10:00.
The site fee: 200 pence per person ($2.00), children free.
The merchant fee: 1200 pence per person per space ($12.00)


Heavy Weapons Lists:

Light weapons List

Awards Given


  • I got to ride into court for my elevation. ~ Damales
  • Attila was a surprise elevation on the field he did his fealty oath in Russian so well some thought he had practice it but he had to stop at one point and you could tell that he was working the translation. ~Damales


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