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"Dance" in the SCA includes researching, composing, teaching and performing SCA-period style dances of Europe and the Middle East. In Caid, dancing was an integral part of revels and major Kingdom events for many years, especially English Country dances and Italian Renaissance Court dances. However, with larger attendance and more activities scheduled during the event, group dancing is far less frequent.


Some of the popular dances in Caid include:

Califian Bransle.jpg
Saltarello by Francesca.jpg
  • "Calafian Bransle": This is actually the Maltese Bransle danced to "Schiarazula Marazula" (1571). It can be danced in two lines or in a circle. As the music gets faster, the dancers have less and less time to execute the figures, so at the end they barely have time to clap and catch their breath.
  • "Caid Measure": Based on "Jouyssance Vous Donneray," this is pavane, with figures choreographed by various Caidans including Baron Conrad von Regensburg and Duchess Natalya de Foix.
  • "Hole in the Wall": While not technically an SCA-period English Country dance (Playford-c. 1698), it was incredibly popular for many years, and was also danced at science fiction/fantasy conventions and Regency dances. It is also a popular dance in other Kingdoms, including Ansteorra and Meridies.

Over the years, Middle Eastern dancing (often called "tribal" or "ethnic" dance) has become part of the Caidan dance scene, as it were. In the Kingdom's earlier days, Mistress Cristobal degli Glicine che Mangia Uome, Lady Hedgia du Loup, and Duchess Neptha of Thebes, and Mistress Lyndia of Woodlyn performed at events and taught dance at workshops and Collegium Caidis. More recently, Duchess Faizeh al-Zarqa has been an active performer and instruction of Islamic and Central Asian dance.


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