Curia Regis 1981

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Location: Gyldenholt
Date: 03/22/1981

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From the Crown Prints

(A hand-drawn map accompanied the article)
HEAR YE, HEAR YE! On March 22, AS XV, Their Royal Majesties Armand and Diana, King and Queen of Caid will convene a general CURIA REGIS, an open Crown Court. At the Curia Their Royal Majesties will entertain petitions from any and all of their subjects on any matter pertaining to the Kingdom's welfare or grievances in which the Crown should be properly involved or informed of.

this Curia is being convened partly at the request of various members of the Peerage who would address HRM Armand and ask reconsideration of his statements at Twelfth Night.

In all matters, the Crown will hear the petitions in public unless the petitioner requests a private audience. (Please write the Crown in advance if you wish to present a petition.)

The Curia will commence promptly at 1:00 pm at Waverly Chapel in the City of Orange at 1700 E. Fairhaven. The Curia will end no later than 5:00 pm and sooner if business permits. All Their Majesties' subjects are invited to attend and see a Medieval Court in action.

From Kingdom Seneschal Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood:

At Caid's recent Twelfth Night, His Majesty Armand addressed the populace concerning the health of the kingdom. Having spoken to a number of people, I believe it is fair to assume that the reaction to His Majesty's address was as diverse as the number of persons who heard it.

However, amid the emotions that followed the address, great care must be taken not to overlook the important message that was being conveyed. It is indeed time that Caidans took a good honest look at the Kingdom of Caid. Caid has much good to offer both Caidans and the Known World. However, an honest evaluation will also reveal that Caid is failing to meet its commitment to the ideals and purposes of the Society for Creative Anachronism. It is failing because, as a whole, the Kingdom is no longer moving forward. It is instead slipping backwards into a comfortable rut. There often appears the attitude that things are done because they have always been done and change is impossible.

I was once told that a non-Caidan stated that when people in other Kingdoms die, that [they] hope to go to Caid. As nice as this is to believe, I hold that such a belief is detrimental to Caid. This is because it gives a false sense of security that change is unnecessary. My personal contact with residents of other kingdoms has led me to believe that many people look down on Caid, rather than up to it.

Having stated the problem, it would be nice if I could present a nice simple solution. Unfortunately, a simple solution does not exist. This is because there is no one place or group of persons where the cause of the problem can be found. Many may place the blame solely upon the shoulders of the Peers. But this is a grave error, for the problem was not causes solely by the peers. While the peers may be the most visible of all persons in the Kingdom, the fault lies equally with the non-peers.

People throughout the status-structure of Caid have become too comfortable with the status quo. It is easy to "let someone else do it." But by letting someone else do it, more often than not it doesn't get done. Thus Caid stands still. But as Caid stands still, the rest of the S.C.A. moves away from us, and we in effect slip backwards. Caid can no longer afford to stand still. It must, for its very survival, move forward.

But what can be done? As I state earlier, there is no simple solution. However, a good start can be made simply through open communication. Peers and non-peers sharing ideas and being receptive to new and different ideas and ways of doing things. A conscious effort must be made to share knowledge with both new and old participants in the S.C.A. For if this knowledge is not shared, it serves no purpose, and people will begin to lose interest in the S.C.A. because they are not getting anything out of it. The idea that all knowledge must be gained through person research defeats the idea that the S.C.A. is an educational corporation.

This is only a first step. More and new people must be encouraged by all people to do things in the S.C.A. Whether this is to autocrat an event or merely to teach someone how to do something doesn't matter. What matters is that more people feel a part of Caid and that they feel as if what they have to say will be given the same serious consideration as what anyone else has to say. However, as important as it is to feel self-satisfaction, it is also important for a person to feel as if he or she is appreciated by the people around them. Thus recommendations to the King and Queen for awards for those deserving persons should be made by anyone who wants to recognize the efforts of another person by point out that person to Their Majesties. If the effort of a person is small, then recognize that person's effort in a newsletter. For a recognition of a small effort may lead to a larger effort.

While these measures may not solve all of Caid's ills, they will establish the spirit among the people of Caid to being to move forward and to accomplish new and better things for Caid. Hopefully a new trend will start, which will allow Caid to again flourish in the Known World.

Please note that if you come across a person who looks like the Kingdom Seneschal, and speaks a little like the Kingdom Seneschal, he may not be the Kingdom Seneschal. Do not expect him to know about matters that concern the Kingdom Seneschal.1

1 This refers to Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood, Theodric's twin brother.




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