Crown Prints Prize Tourney 1980

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Location: Glen Helen Park
Date: 03/15/1980

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Event Staff

Autocrat: The Crown Prints Editorial Office; Griffin Freehold; Kyna Analisa Dunmore of Galloway and House Dunmore


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

From the Crown Prints

On 15 and 16 March XIV, the Barony of Dreiburgen shall let cry its sponsorship of the third annual Crown Prints Prize Tournament. the location is Glen Helen Park (signs will be posted to direct you to the exact site). The impost will be $2.00 per camping individual, and $1.00 for non-camping, payable when signing the waiver. It will also cost $1.00 per vehicle entering the Gate if one is not camping. This must be paid to the Rangers.

The park will open at 5pm Friday eve, and those coming then may enter the secondary gate from 5pm until 11 pm. Upon entering you will sign a waiver and pay the impost. The gate will be manned Saturday morn from 7-9 am, and the same rules apply. After 9 am you can enter through the main Gate; tell the Rangers you are with the SCA and pay your dollar if you are not camping. If you are camping, please see the Constable promptly to sign the waiver and pay your fees.

WEATHER: It will probably be cool during the day and cold at night, so dress accordingly. Also it may get quite windy; extra lines and stakes are recommended for pavilions.

Donations are still needed for prizes and auctions items. Craftspeople, brewers, jewelers, needle artists, costumers, scroll-makers, cooks and diverse others with goodly services and items to offer for auction are urged to bring them to the tourney and help the Crown Prints Publication Fund! Sponsors are still needed for the on-the-spot contests for both days and at the Bardic Circle. Contests will be run and judged throughout the entire event and at the Bardic Circle on Saturday even. Should you desire to make a donation, or sponsor a contest, please contact Kyna Analisa Dunmore of Galloway.


Friday: 5pm... pitch thy pavilions.


  • 10:30 am... Grand March and opening Court
  • 8 pm... Bardic Circle Begins

Sunday: none (3pm)... Closing Court and announcements of contest winners.


  • Illuminated Border: Entries should be 11"x14" and suitable for presentation as a Dolphin Scroll. Entries will become property of the College of Scribes. SPONSOR: Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake. $1.00 per entry donation.
  • Color on Color Needlework: Entries can include embroider, needlepoint, beading or other needlework on a finished article. Entries must be on same color or shade. Extra points if it is on a field costume. SPONSOR: Lady Su of the Silver Horn. $1.00 per entry.
  • Favors made by Men: Entries must be wearable. SPONSOR: Lady Su of the Silver Horn. $.50 per entry.
  • Leonardo da Vinci Draw-alike: Draw or paint in the style of Leonardo without copying. Four categories: Painting (Master and Apprentice); Drawing (Master and Apprentice). One can enter both categories and more than one work. SPONSOR: Atanielle Unesse. $.50 per entry.
  • Bread Baking: Recipe must be included. Extra points for medieval ingredients. Two categories: "dinner" breads and "sweet" breads. SPONSOR: Kyna Analisa Dunmore of Galloway, $.50 per entry.
  • Best Representation of a Dragon, any Medium: Entries must includ a dragon somewhere. May be drawings, paintings, sculpture or any other form. SPONSOR: Baroness Rowena de Segovia. $1.00 per entry.
  • Archery - Interkingdom Competition: SPONSOR: Lord [[Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood. $.50 per entry.
  • Needlework - any Medium: Anything done with a needle or two (more than two, even) may be entered. Entries can also be entered in other contests SPONSOR: Bjo of Griffin. $.50 per entry. Categories will be decided by judges and several prizes awarded.
  • Field Costume: Historically accurate and machine washable costume should also be comfortable and able to be worn at the dirtiest tournament. Judging will include a walk through a field, or possibly the Nature trail. SPONSOR: [[Maco Tojima. $1.00 per entry. OTHER SPONSOR? Christine Antuono della duo Napoliti. PRIZE: Cloth suitable for a field costume.
  • Siege Weapon: Best drawing of a medieval siege weapon. No models please. SPONSOR Michel d'Artois. $.50 per entry.
  • Children's Original Art - Beasties: Entries may beany medium, drawn or painted by anyone under the age of 14. More than one entry may be submitted or drawn on-the-spot. SPONSOR: Vicountess Lorissa du Griffin. $.25 per entry.
  • Poem or Song with a Story: Entries may be comedic or tragic in content; extra points for original music as well as words but parodies are acceptable. SPONSOR: Megamart Magazine.>/i> $.50 per entry.
  • Feed the Multitudes: Recipe must accompany main dish capable of being expanded to feed large company. Ingredients should be reasonably medieval. SPONSOR: Baron John ap Griffin. $1.00 per entry.
  • Trim and Braid Decoration: Use of trim, braid, or other narrow fabric decoration, handmade or commercial, on 10 anything worn, including accessories; and 2) objects not worn, e.g. boxes, pillows, pavilions, etc. Prizes for each category. SPONSOR: Baroness Bjo of Griffin. $1.00 per entry.
  • New Ideas Design: Got an idea for something to make/For tourney or revel that you can take? A table, a chair, a mold for a candle/ Pavilion design, a new kind of handle? Let your mind set the limit of what you create. But put it on paper and to me relate/For if you do you might get a surprise/A custom-built chest could be your prize! (No armor or costume entries, if you please). SPONSOR: [[Michael of Brighthall. $1.00 per entry.
  • Walk the Dragon: Children's game (pieces supplied) but older "kids" can join the fun, too. SPONSOR: Lady Kathryn du Griffin. $.15 per game for kids under 14. $.25 per game for "kids" over 14. Far enow?
  • Foot Races: To be run throughout the day; assorted categories of contestants and races, depending on the ever-popular Armoured Ancients race. SPONSOR: Lady Kathryn du Griffin$.10 per race for under 14; $.25 for those older.
  • Heraldry: Two categories: herald and non-herald (placement of contestants is up to the choice of the sponsor). SPONSORS: Lord Bernard ben Barra and Bernadette du Barra. $.50 per entry.
  • Most Medieval Hairstyle, not including a Hairpiece: Documentation requested - a picture or book title and page number is sufficient. Fillets, cording or ribbons will be allowed. Must be post-1000 AD. Judging will be on authenticity, complexity, and special consideration will be given for making short hair look in period. Prize: a hair ornament. SPONSOR: Lady Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren. $.50 per entry.
  • For Children, Best Poem about the Kingdom: Any style and length. Scribes provided for those who do not write yet. Two age group divisions; 3-5; 9-16. SPONSOR: Lady Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren. $.25 per entry.
  • For Children, Most Courteous Compliment given to an Elder: Of any length. SPONSOR: Lady Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren. $.25 per entry.
  • Poetry: Best poem on Unrequited Love in a Medieval Setting: Two categories - men and women authors. Prize: a book to write your poetry in. SPONSOR: Lady Meghan McInnes. $.50 per entry.
  • Coloring Contest: Two categories, adult and children. SPONSOR: Baron Leo de Coronado. $.25 per entry.
  • Body Looting: Relieving the unfortunate dead of their belongings. Lady Meghan McInnes. $.50 per entry.
  • Equestrian Arts Test: General horse knowledge test including history/horsemanship, and medieval use of the horses. Prize: books on horsemanship and horses. SPONSOR: Jill Blackhorse. $.50 per entry.
  • Musical Performance: Performance consists of up to three medieval, Society, or original songs - vocal and/or instrumental. Prize: wooden soprano recorder with instruction book. SPONSOR: Jill Blackhorse. $.75 per entry.
  • Combat Competitions: Men-at-arms may pay their own entry fee for each contest and fight for the prize, or be willing to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will pay the entry fee. Bidders will also win a prize if their man-at-arms wins. In the later case, Baroness Bjo of Griffin offers a prize also to the winner of every combat competition.
  • A Melange of Melees: Axe or Mace (SPONSOR: Lord Brandr Kjollsigssen); Off-handed (SPONSOR: Lord Brandr Kjollsigssen and [Michel d'Artois]]); Great Weapons (SPONSOR NEEDED!); Weapon and Shield (SPONSOR: Lord Duryn the Red). $1.00 per entry.
  • Largesse in Lists:Polearms: (SPONSOR NEEDED!); Single Sword: SPONSOR: Lord Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood. Prize: a sword; Florentine: SPONSOR: Lord Durvyn Wildermuth von Wiesbaden. Prize a sword. $1.50 per entrant donation.
  • Best Challenge: SPONSOR: Schirleah the Chaste. $1.00 per entrant.
  • Rattan Weapon Design: Judged on authenticity, overall usability and aesthetic value. SPONSOR: Lord Durvyn Wildermuth von Wiesbaden. $.50 per entry.
  • Best Two-handed Pandybat: Must be a two -handed weapon between 6" and 6' in length and must be able to fight two opponents at one time. (N.B.: a pandybat is a weapon which is as dangerous to yourself as it is to your opponent.) SPONSOR: [Michel d'Artois]]). $.50 per entry.
  • Best Fighting Costume: Judging will be on serous attempts at authenticity. Wearing of blue jeans will disqualify entry. Entry does not include armor. SPONSOR Lady Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway. $1.00 per entry.
  • Best overall Man-at-Arms: SPONSOR NEEDED. $2.00 donation.
  • Authenticated Combat: Open to all knights and men-at-arms (persons-at-arms?). Devise a round of combat in the Mediaeval or Renaissance manner, using any weapons/forms, etc., common to the tournament. You mush involve as many people as possible - not jus men-at-arms but heralds (in the stands or not), artists, flags, banners, musicians, drummers, ladies, squires, pages, and bystanders. moreover, you must present this pageant of arms at the Prize Tourney. The only things on paper should be your documentation, and the Tournament fiction (if any), for the judges to peruse. (Judges will hopefully include a herald versed in tournament lore, an artist, a musician, a lady, and a knight). The more people and mediaeval things you get involved, the more points you'll rack up! PRIZES: One set of helmet templates for either a 13th century barrel helm or a spangenhelm; one copy of the Middle Kingdom Arms and Armor Handbook; one year's subscription to The HAMMER,, the Middle Kingdom's Armourer's Guild publication, and anything else we hastily throw in at the last minute. SPONSOR: The Crown Prints Editorial Office. $.25 per participant, this means everyone involved.


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