Coronation Spring 1987

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Caption Needed
Location: Gallavally
Perris High School
Date: 05/30/1987

From the Crown Prints

May 30

The Canton of Gallavally in Dreiburgen is Pleased to host Coronation in Perris (not France).

TRH Hanno and Cassaundra have chosen to wear early 15th C. garb in Black Red & Silver. The populace is invited to join them in the same if they please. There will be competitions of many varieties (including Table Setting for the best use of these colors.

The Autocrat encourages banners to be hung throughout the hall, and is willing to put them up. Kindly present them to her no later than a week before coronation. (she will be at the Ducal War.)

The hall will be set up for a “Bring your own Banquet”. There will be NO facilities for heating, so plan ahead. There will be competitions for the best table setting in two categories: Small group (6 or less) and Large Group (more than 6). Reservation will be accepted for “group tables” until one week before the event.

The Guild of Saint Genesius will favor us with an entertaining diversion. The Autocrat has also entered into negotiations with a troupe of Dutch painters of extremely small stature to come and make portraits.

There will be a Merchant’s Hall inside with lots of space. The table fee is a mere $10. Bring your own tables and decorations. In an effort to improve the ambiance, a contest will be held to find the most appealing merchant booth. The prize will include cash in the amount of the booth fee. Reservations for the Merchant’s space are requested, but not required.


Those with presentations should contact the Crescent Herald AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE.

Arts Pentathlon at Coronation

1. Writing (prose, poetry, or song): All entries must be in English understandable by the general populace. The style must be pre-1650. Both fiction and non-fiction are included. (May also be your entry in dramatic reading category). Please bring THREE copies of your entry.

2. Ethnic Dance: Any pre-1650 ethnic dance. The costume should be appropriate to the region of the dance. Explain the dance on the reverse of the documentation form. The contestant is responsible for providing their own accompaniment. May not exceed ten minutes in duration.

3. Instrumental Music Performance: Prepare and perform a selection of pre-1650 music, or a new composition in period style. This is an individual competition (no groups).

4. Needlework: (This includes needlepoint, and embroidery). This category can be broken into at least two categories. Synthetic threads are permitted so long as they give a period effect. No needlework on mundane items will be allowed.

Entries must be delivered to the Arts Pentathlon Deputy NO LATER than 10 a.m. In the case of performing arts, the contestant must notify the Pentathlon Deputy at least one week in advance, or the contestant will not be allowed to perform. There is no penalty for failure to appear per previous arrangement. If there are any questions, please contact the Arts Pentathlon Deputy, Kireen Aelfwynn.

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