Burro Creek IV 1981

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Location: Atenveldt
Date: 02/14-16/1981

Event Staff

  • Caidan Autocrat: Sir Rand of Dunbar, Chief of Staff, Grand Army of Caid

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted )
The Kingdom of Atenveldt is Hosting a Tri-Kingdom Military Event at Burro Creek on "Presidents Day" Weekend in February. There will be a $1.00 per person gate fee to cover expenses.

Post-event Report:

Once more, the Kingdoms of Atenveldt, and the West celebrated St. Valentine's Day by marching their armies to Burro Creek to exchange tokens of affection. While the weather was auspicious, most people were dismayed upon arrival, to find that most of the campground occupied by mundane RVs, filled with people who had drive up to 1400 miles to watch the war. Somehow, all 350 people found places without pitching their tents in the middle of the road, although this was considered.

Opening court presented the heralds with the challenge of speaking for 3 kings, 2 queens, 2 princes and 2 princesses. Compliments and insults were duly exchanged, and all prepared for the business at hand. Since the Western and Caidan armies each numbered about 35, they allied to face the vast Aten horde, which numbered over 70. While the Westerners proved to be valiant allies, the problem of a divided command would soon become apparent.

Caid took the right wing for the field battle, and it soon became apparent that the main attack would fall on the West. A force had been detached to keep Caid occupied, which was attacked and virtually destroyed. Unfortunately it was too late to save the West and our army was not able to stem the Aten onslaught.

The next battle was to be an "ambush." but any army that expects to be ambushed will NOT be ambushed, and the primary result of this attempted ambush was that the allied armies were deployed too far apart to support each other and were destroyed. Melees were fought with mixed sides for those who could still stand, and continued 'til none could.

The day's activities were covered by the Las Vegas representatives of P.M. Magazine (brought by the people of Starkhafn and a team from the Smithsonian Magazine.

That evening there were many bardic circles throughout the camp, much carousing, and all battles were verbally refought at least three times.

Sunday morning another court was held, this one being lengthier - but not obligatory for the Westerners nor Caidans since it was mostly for Atenvelters.

A castle defense had originally been planned, but most people were unwilling to make the long trek to the idiot corral, so the battle was fought next to the bridge, with the defenders holding a 30-yard wide area at the top of a sand embankment. The Aten army attacked up the embankment, supported by a marvelous siege engine. Several vigourous attacks were repulsed. and then the allied armies charged down the slope to finish off the rest of the enemy.

Then the positions were reversed, and we attacked up the slope. A strong charge was launched by the Aten right and the army of the West was forced to the base of the slope - and overrun. A second Aten force then charged the exposed left flank of the Caidan army. With heavy losses, the Caidan army retreated down the slope and defended a small semi-circle with their backs against the battlefield boundary. At this point the marshals stopped the battle, for control had ben lost...

After a brief interval, more mixed sides melees were fought, and much slaughter was enjoyed by all.

Some people returned home that evening, so the remaining populace celebrated with twice the vigour to make up for their fellows' absence.

~ By Sir Robear du Bois and Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake.


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