Belly Dance Workshop, Dreiburgen 1989

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Caption Needed
Location: Tanglewood
Date: 01/07/1989

Event Staff

Steward: Mora Naturalist of Blackmarsh and Morigianna of Shadowed Stars


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From the Crown Prints

Hip Circles; Camel Walk; Belly Flutters

What is this strange language coming from the Barony of Dreiburgen? Can there be strange happenings since the announcement of Twelfth Night? You won't want to miss the gathering of dancers from Calafia, Gyldenholt, and Dreiburgen as they perfect and teach their skill of Middle Eastern Dance to any interested in learning steps, costume ideas, and sources for bells and accessories. Bring whatever music, costumes, loose clothing or leotards, and any VHS (Very Hurried Scribes) tapes to: Tanglewood (address omitted), on Saturday, Jan 7th at 7:00 p.m.

We won't accept any excuses such as "I don't fit into the tiny outfits... I'm not Graceful..." WRONG! If you cand stomp, shake or wave, you can do it. Don't worry. Your best audience for your newfound skill my be your lord. Besodes. ot os a great exercise to lose weight. For further information and contact information contact the autocrats (contact info omitted). My lords, we know you would like to watch, but please wait for the Twelfth Night performance. This is a workshop.


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